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Andrej Titan, BEng '95

(Electrical Engineering)

Find your interests; follow the opportunities


Andrej Titan launched his career working for an engineering firm that focused on designing, manufacturing and installing industrial equipment, primarily in the steel industry.

Over the next eight years, he learned various aspects of the business and eventually landed in the role of general manager. Along the way, he also discovered something about himself.

“As I got more involved in project management, I found the financial side of the business more interesting,” says the 1995 electrical engineering grad.

That led him to add an MBA to his resume, further develop his financial skills and eventually make the shift to a job with RBC.

Sixteen years after making the leap into the banking world, Titan is now a VP and deputy head of credit with RBC Wealth Management.

He provides leadership to the Canadian private banking team, responsible for offering financing products and services to the bank’s high-net-worth clients.

“Since the need for credit and financing – whether for business or personal needs – touches most people at some point in their lives, I’ve had an opportunity to work with many people from different sectors, industries and professions,” says Titan. “I love the opportunity to constantly learn new things while interacting and learning from a broad and diverse sector of people and clients.”

“Also, there is a focus on analysis, teamwork and problem solving, which were key reasons I choose to study engineering in the first place.”

He says his engineering mindset has helped him find success, but also credits a willingness to be open to opportunities and to follow his interests.

He urges young people to learn about different opportunities and careers through networking and research.

“Be flexible in how you approach your career, and follow your interests,” says Titan. “Your skills, aptitudes and interests can often be relevant and needed in many different areas.”


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