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Amy Wah, BEng '04

Electrical Engineering | Channelling creativity, championing diversity

The digital world has squeezed brand image, storefront appearance and human interaction into a few clicks.

The result? Technological tools need to work well. But their design must also provide a familiar sign, a welcoming doorway and a friendly smile.

“I love that this field is both technical and creative,” says Amy Wah, a 2004 electrical engineering grad.

A director of front-end technology with RBC’s Omni Technology group, Wah’s job demands technical smarts, creative vision and managerial skills.

Along with mentoring and managing a group of technical leads, managers and developers, she also drives innovation and continuous learning in front-end development for a group of more than 70 developers.

“And I try to get some coding in whenever I have time, as I still love to code,” she says.

As a teenager, Wah realized that designing websites indulged both her technical and creative sides. During her McMaster student days, she helped the dance department maintain its website.

After graduation, she spent more than a decade working as an electrical engineer and program manager before shifting her career focus. About four years ago, she moved into front-end development in the tech industry.

She says the field is filled with challenges, innovative and interesting things to learn, and people who love what they do.

Conscious of the barriers that can face underrepresented women in STEM fields, Wah says she’s glad her leadership position allows her to help shape a positive and inclusive workplace culture.

Recently, she launched a technical mentorship program to help women in her organization.

“I'm most proud to be a champion of diversity and inclusion in the tech industry, especially for the underrepresented group of women in the field,” Wah says.

“We have so much talented people in underrepresented groups, and we need to give them support and encouragement to gain equitable opportunities.”


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