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Alex D'Souza, B.Eng. '18

(Chemical Engineering) | McMaster University's Youngest Student Graduates

Who's the kid?

When Alex D'Souza started at McMaster University as their youngest student, the 14-year-old got more than a few sideways glances at parties in the dorm.

The boy genius was working on a chemical and bioengineering degree, but "The Kid" wasn't even old enough to use the gym on campus.

"I embraced it," D'Souza says of the nickname. "It's not like they were wrong."

It stuck with him, even now as he's working on his master's in chemical engineering at age 19.

"The Kid" graduates on Friday after successfully completing a double major in chemical and bioengineering. Until then, he'll continue working as a teaching assistant and as a researcher in the Bio-Interfaces Institute.

"It's a big day for us," says his father, Alfredo D'Souza. "We are thankful to God. We are blessed. We know Alex will go places and wherever he is, he will always be there for his family."

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