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Wael El-Dakhakhni, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering

Building structurally sound buildings alone isn't enough anymore.

With climate change causing more natural disaster events than ever before, and with technological disasters increasing, creating resilient communities goes beyond just engineering. That’s why civil engineer Wael El-Dakhakhni is combining traditional science, social science, and medicine with engineering knowledge within the Institute for Multi-hazard Systemic Risk Studies. This institution brings together all of these areas to reflect the communities in which these buildings are being constructed in, for perseverance, longevity, and safety of future resilient cities.

At the Institute and through his research, Wael experimentally examines structural performance under extreme loading induced by both natural (e.g. seismic) and anthropogenic (e.g. blast) hazards. He also focuses on translating the knowledge pertaining to multi-hazard and system-level vulnerability to usable information that can have direct positive impacts on different stakeholders in our societies.