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Tegiola Xhemalaj (B.Tech., M.Eng.)

My B.Tech. degree enabled me to upgrade my diploma into a degree and obtain a Master’s in Engineering.

Education: Bachelor of Technology (Civil Engineering Infrastructure Technology) & Master of Engineering Design, McMaster University

Career: Project Manager, Nieuport Aviation Infrastructure Partners GP

Why B.Tech.?: Through the Bachelor of Technology Degree Completion Program, I was able to upgrade my Architectural Diploma into a B.Tech. degree in Civil Engineering Infrastructure Technology.

Opportunities for Graduate Study: My B.Tech. degree was a great foundation for my future education! I went on to complete a Master of Engineering Design with the W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology at McMaster University.

Developing Relevant Workplace Skills: The skills I gained helped me to undertake more complex projects in the workplace and achieve my career goals more quickly. The B.Tech. Degree Completion Program is very hands-on, you not only learn the theory and fundamentals, you also get to practice what you learned through projects, labs, and co-op work terms.

Student Experience: I had the opportunity to be part of the B.Tech. Association, a student-run organization which is focused on improving the social and academic experience of B.Tech. students. This role improved my  leadership and communication skills which helped me to become more effective in team projects and my career. 

Hamilton is Home: Hamilton is one of those cities that will forever be in my heart. I am mesmerised by the amount of waterfalls that are in Hamilton and the beautiful trails. I love the fact that this city is so welcoming and always embracing new talents and great ideas. It’s also an affordable place to start a new life. I also can’t forget the great restaurants.