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Salman Hemani, M.E.E.I '08

A Dream of Entrepreneurship

It was the opportunity to take an idea and commercialize it that drew Salman Hemani to the Master of Engineering Entrepreneurship & Innovation program in 2008.

 “Since the age of 15, I was exposed to the world of business and I dreamt about running my own company one day,” he says. “What distinguishes this program is its vision to give those with a technical background the ability to expose themselves to the business world in a practical setting.”

After earning his software engineering degree with a minor in economics, Hemani launched his own software company. His McMaster degree gave him the tools to take a new perspective and apply innovative thinking to his business opportunities.

Today, Hemani is vice-president of business development at Exponet Canada, an e-commerce company that has grown into an international business selling various home, health and beauty products.

“My primary responsibilities are setting the strategic direction of the company, seeking out new product opportunities, expanding the business into new geographical markets, creating the right partnerships for long-term success, and actively innovating in the markets that we serve,” he says.

He also serves as CEO of Axiom, a cloud-based collaboration platform with a focus on improving workflow when managing digital documents.

“As a mentor to others, I always advise the next generation to find what they are passionate about and work towards it diligently,” he says. “Keep yourself flexible and allow yourself to move in different directions in your career.

“Continue to educate yourself and be open to new perspectives and fresh insights. But however busy life becomes, keep a balance and don’t allow material success to be the exclusive focus of your life.”