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Rodney Chau, BEng '04

(Electrical Engineering) | Leading the way to success

Whether fixing his car, building a deck or managing software projects, to this day Rodney Chau relies on things he learned at McMaster.

“My engineering degree gave me an understanding of the science, math and engineering principles that are the foundation of how things work,” he says. “That’s helped me make calculated decisions in every area of my life.”

The 2004 Electrical Engineering grad was always drawn to electronics, computer software and hardware, and what he describes as “the magic of electricity.”

“Some of my passion came from my dad, who is a mechanic and very much a DIY guy,” he says. “He brought home a computer back in the mid ‘80s and was showing me AutoCAD on it. That computer allowed me to explore, and from there I was hooked.”

While he knew he was headed for a career in a technical field, his journey taught him that he also has a passion for people and leadership, validated by a Leader of the Year award in 2016.

“Being recognized and appreciated by people I’ve led in the past, watching them succeed and grow into leaders themselves is most rewarding for me,” he says.

Chau is currently the Senior Manager of the Implementation PMO at SPS Commerce’s Analytics division, an American company providing cloud-based supply chain management solutions. He leads a team of project managers across multiple North America locations, where they are responsible for delivering all customer implementations.

“Study and build a career around what you enjoy, whatever gets you out of bed and keeps you going day in and day out. Do what you enjoy and you will succeed at it. Work smart and work hard at the same time,” is the advice he most frequently offers.