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Oscar Capilla, MEEI '10

Expanding and sharing knowledge

An industrial and systems engineer in Mexico, Oscar Capilla sought to expand his knowledge around launching new businesses with a Master of Engineering Entrepreneurship & Innovation (MEEI) degree.

The program allowed him to incubate a cardboard furniture project and establish sales in Canada and Mexico.

“The business, which lasted for about two years after its incubation, was an amazing adventure,” says Capilla. “The beauty of the MEEI program is that you take a project from paper through to launch – to make it real and create a business with a unique value proposition.”

His McMaster degree also helped lead him to his current job working for a metal company in the manufacturing industry.

A business unit leader with Crown Equipment Corporation, Capilla is responsible for managing the manufacture of components and key products for the company’s forklift. Along with ensuring components meet quality and technical specifications, he also looks for ways to improve the fabrication, robot welding and machining processes.

 “All of this is about taking care of customer requirements and needs,” says Capilla. “Crown is a worldwide leader in the material handling market, and the innovation we bring to market has helped us to be unique in the field by aligning our customer thoughts and market requirement to the technological processes we currently manage.

“Everything can be improved, in terms of safety, cost or quality,” he adds. “These performance indexes are the essence of engineering.”

Capilla has also worked as a project coach with Mexican university students, using his skills in business analysis, technical, operational and financial feasibility for start-up projects to provide support and evaluation for students looking to launch new business ventures.

“I like to learn by teaching,” he says. “Sharing knowledge is how we enrich each other, and that’s what this is all about.”

Capilla urges today’s students to be patient with themselves.

“Don’t feel guilty if you don't know what you want to do with your life,” he says. “Enjoy every day and all the time you spend as student, and appreciate your classmates and teachers.”