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McMaster Engineering alumni named in Canada's Top 40 Under 40

Saud Adi, a Bachelor of Technology graduate from the Class of 2013, has been announced as an honouree.

Canada's Top 40 Under 40 independent Advisory Board, which comprises 25 respected and experienced individuals from across Canada, met on May 15, 2019 to select the honourees from a short list put together by Caldwell. A Call for Nominations was carried out from October 2018 to January 2019, which garnered 950 nominations from across Canada.

Among them was Saud Adi, a Bachelor of Technology graduate from the Class of 2013.

As chief operating officer of Adi Development Group, Adi no longer does actual engineering work. However, the educational background in Technology and Engineering he received as an honours student at McMaster University is still beneficial to him on a daily basis. It allows him to effectively hire, manage and communicate with the dozens of engineers he employs and consults with.  

“As a developer investing millions in the construction of luxury buildings, it’s an invaluable asset that often surprises people in boardroom meetings, says Adi. “The ability to understand, and even challenge the engineers, gives us the opportunity to collaborate and deliver quality buildings that are designed beautifully and built to higher standards.” 

Saud Adi.

Bringing those buildings to life is only part of what his company does – it also specializes in the sales and marketing of these properties – but construction is the half that Adi is most passionate about. 

“I’m amazed at how a raw piece of land can turn into 300 homes in a matter of four or five years – that has always intrigued me,” he says. “I’m fortunate that I’ve integrated into the construction culture very well and it’s something I love to do.” 

Adi enrolled in McMaster’s Bachelor of Technology program after studying Construction Engineering at George Brown College, earning his degree in 2013. He was still a student in 2007, when he and his brother Tariq launched Adi Development Group. They started with the purchase of one property around the corner from their house and over the last decade have grown from a Burlington-based company into a highly successful enterprise with eight GTA projects underway. 

Adi is sharing some of the benefits of his success through a scholarship he created for BTech students. He says his gift offers him a way to give back to McMaster while also nurturing great talent.  

“I want to allow students to focus fully on school and alleviate the stress they can feel if they have to worry about making money while they are also trying to study.” 

Adi, who also serves on the Dean’s Advisory Board, says he and his company also benefit from maintaining a close relationship with the Faculty of Engineering. 

“I want to understand who are the best and brightest, so possibly we can bring them to work at Adi,” he says. 

For those students with dreams of their own big success, Adi urges patience and persistence. 

“Success doesn’t come overnight,” he says. ““You have to enjoy the process. The process of getting to success is the fun part.”