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Jean Pilon-Bignell, MEEI '11 & MBA '16

Driving his interest to connected vehicles

An enthusiasm for robotics was what originally attracted Jean Pilon-Bignell to engineering.

“I was always interested in the interactions between hardware, software, and control systems, and how they can all come together to build amazing products and services,” he explains.

Today, as VP of Business Development, Government and Smart Cities with Geotab, he is immersed in how those technologies can be used to connect vehicles and create smarter and safer cities.

A rapidly growing telematics provider, Geotab develops fleet management technology that gathers data and provides analysis on a range of driving, maintenance, safety and fuel usage factors.

“I am responsible for leading business development activities that focus on government end customers,” he explains. “My focus is mainly on sales activities, but I’m also involved in partner development, product development and marketing strategy, with an eye to correctly positioning our products and services in the market.”

After finishing his undergraduate degree, Pilon-Bignell completed his Master of Engineering Entrepreneurship and Innovation, with a focus on high tech startups and entrepreneurship. In 2015, he added an MBA from the DeGroote School of Business to his resume.

He worked in several business development roles before moving to Geotab at the end of 2015.

“I never really had an endpoint in mind throughout my educational or professional career, I simply pursued things that interested me, which in turn has led to various degrees and career opportunities,” he admits.

“In my current role, I leverage many different aspects of my engineering and business education and have the privilege of working in a global high-tech company that makes a real impact on the world.”

He encourages students to discover a career path by following their interests. “Find things that you like doing and keep investing in yourself to become really good at them.”