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Edward Garcia Torres, BTech '17

Automotive & Vehicle Technology | A Drive for the Future

While Edward Garcia Torres doesn’t know exactly what his eventual career will look like, he’s pretty certain he’s launching it with his dream job.

“Starting my career at General Motors is exactly what I wanted after finishing school,” says the 2017 graduate from the Bachelor of Technology Automotive & Vehicle Engineering stream.

Working as an Algorithm Development / Embedded Software Integration Engineer, Torres is exploring the many facets of the software and vehicle dynamics controls space in the rapidly-evolving automotive industry.

“Some days I will test, validate and troubleshoot serial communication on controllers that handle everything from active aero systems to autonomous functions, and then there are days that I'll implement software,” he says.

“Some of my favourite days are when I get to work in algorithm development; I get to validate the algorithm changes by creating controller builds, putting them into cars, driving and testing them.”

The job with GM also allows him to continue learning, he adds. Through conferences and talks, he’s been exploring broad, industry-changing ideas in the areas of design thinking, business intelligence, the future of mobility and urban mobility.

A recent grad, Torres says his capstone project and faculty mentors played a big role in preparing him for this job, and for success. He also points to the value of his co-op experience, which he says provided him with role models that led him to understand how to thrive in engineering environments. 

His advice to students only a few years behind him? It’s never too early to get ambitious.

“No matter what year you're in, look at some postings for jobs that you want and then utilize the great professors, classes and extracurriculars to build and demonstrate the skills required for that job,” he suggests. “Even if you end up changing your mind, you'll never regret learning something useful.”

“I learned so much during my time in BTech that I feel like my career can head in many different directions. Maybe it'll be in the software space, maybe the vehicle performance space or maybe I'll even work towards the business side of engineering. All I know is that I feel well prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.”