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Christopher Makarewicz, BTech '07

Manufacturing Engineering | Changing the world one HVAC unit at a time

Energy-efficient heating and cooling systems not only save money, they also contribute to saving the planet by reducing the carbon footprint of our buildings.

That undeniable reality has helped Christopher Makarewicz succeed in his quest to bring innovative and energy-efficient custom HVAC equipment to the market.

The 2007 BTech Manufacturing Engineering grad is president and co-founder of MDL Solutions, as well as Verano by MDL. The companies manufacture and distribute a range of ventilation and heating equipment, including low voltage (24VDC) fan coils and Climaconvectors, a patented heat exchange system.

Testing has shown the systems use from 12 to 45 percent less energy than other HVAC systems.

“McMaster taught me to ask questions about why we do things, which encouraged me to look at the industry norms around comfort climate solutions and adapt them,” says Makarewicz. “I’ve been able to build a position as an innovative HVAC manufacturer, holding two patents as well as trademarks, and advancing the industry by implementing energy-saving 24VDC trench fan coil technology.”

With products manufactured in Canada and Europe and distributed across four continents, the company has had global success. Its HVAC equipment has been installed in many major commercial, residential and institutional developments, including the LEED Gold-certified Bill & Melinda Gates Hall at Cornell University, One York Harbour Plaza development in Toronto, and the Hudson Yards development in New York City.

As he’s worked to build a global network of engineering and sales professionals, Makarewicz says the many hours spent in group work while earning his degree have been critical to his success.

“My team leadership skills can be traced back to those days of working together to understand the problems, realize and communicate solutions, and build successful relationships,” he says.

His advice to today's students: “You must experience new things to maximize your true potential.”