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Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO)

*PEO Update - July 2018*

For the Automotive, Civil, and Power & Energy Programs, the PEO ARC has recommended 5 Exams + Eng. Report. This recommendation still needs final approval from the PEO Council. Until the PEO Council votes on the recommendations at their September meeting, the PEO will process applications on a case-by-case basis, but the new ARC recommendations will be applied. Students should understand that the new recommendations are "unofficial", and in theory, their examination program could change if the ARC Recommendations are not approved by the Council. Program Chairs for the Automotive, Civil, and Power & Energy Programs can provide information regarding the specific exams for each of the program streams. Students intending to apply to the PEO before September should contact their respective Program Chairs. This is a positive outcome for these programs and graduates are encouraged to apply to the PEO. 

*PEO Review Update*

On March 2nd, 2018, the PEO (Professional Engineers Ontario) conducted an on-site review of the following Bachelor of Technology Programs:

-Automotive and Vehicle Engineering Technology
-Civil Engineering Infrastructure Technology
-Power and Energy Engineering Technology

We anticipate an assessment from the PEO by May of 2018, at which time we hope to communicate a formalized pathway to the P.Eng. designation (graduates of the above Programs are currently reviewed by the PEO on a case-by-case basis).

A review of the Automation Engineering Technology Program is likely to be completed later this year. 

The Manufacturing Program was reviewed by the PEO in 2012; most graduates must complete four (4) PEO Supplementary Examinations plus an Engineering Report.

Updates will be posted on this webpage.

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Professional Engineer Designation (P.Eng.)

Several B.Tech. students have obtained their P.Eng. status. Typically, B.Tech. graduates must:

  • Write a number of examinations as specified by the PEO
  • Write an engineering and ethics examination
  • Fulfill a Capstone Report requirement
  • Complete 4 years of engineering work experience, typically under a professional engineer

In preparation for these examinations, students often study either on their own or take preparatory courses. PEO offers a variety of seminar types, including both online and in-person consultation. For an updated list on available seminars, please visit PEO's seminar page. Past experience suggests that B.Tech. graduates are able to study independently and be successful.

A formal application with complete transcripts must be made through the Professional Engineers of Ontario. Candidates should be poised to participate in an interview process, particularly where candidates wish to negotiate a reduction in final examination requirements.

Students who complete graduate level studies in engineering or who achieve P.Eng. status may apply to receive an "Iron Ring" as an external applicant. Important Note: B.Tech. graduates can only apply for their "Iron Ring" after they have completed the necessary examinations. For more information on applying for your Iron Ring, please visit the Kipling Page of the Engineering Alumni Relations site.

We have had over 60 graduates successfully achieve their P.Eng. designation!