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Ranked among the world’s top engineering schools, the Faculty of Engineering plays a significant role in helping McMaster University earn its reputation as one of Canada’s most innovative universities.

Our focus on experiential, problem-based learning and our inter-disciplinary approach to collaboration results in smarter insights and ground-breaking ideas that enable us to push the boundaries of discovery while exploring emerging areas and technologies that provide our connected businesses with greater competitive advantage in local and international markets.


Our Faculty of Engineering enjoys strong links with industry in Canada, across North America and around the world. A range of strategic partnerships with industry, including joint funding of industrial research chairs, sharing of research equipment, transfer of intellectual property and consulting, providing industry with ideas, products and skilled people, and give faculty and students a way to stay on top of industry needs and to address the grand challenges facing our world.


We Support Industry Innovation and Commercialization

  • First-hand opportunity to recruit talent trained to work with the newest technologies
  • Opportunity to apply fresh perspectives and expertise to your design and manufacturing
  • Explore new processes without shutting down operations
  • Privileged access to unique facilities and state Privileged access to unique facilities and state  of the art equipment
  • Exclusive access to licensing of emerging technology developmen

McMaster engineering professors receive the highest level of research funding per faculty member in Canada. They are involved in research Centres of Excellence, consult with industry and government, and contribute to internationally renowned institutes in all disciplines. McMaster's engineers are in an enviable leadership role in research and graduate education. This results in state of the art knowledge being passed on to undergraduates.

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New Faculty Mentoring Workshop    New Faculty Mentoring Workshop

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New Faculty Mentoring Workshop

New Faculty Mentoring Workshop

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McMaster Engineering, by many measures, is the most research-intensive faculty of engineering in Canada and we expect to see an increased emphasis on interdisciplinary research.

Research will more frequently employ teams of graduate students and research professionals, and will be undertaken in close collaboration with industrial partners. Partnerships include joint funding of industrial chairs, sharing research equipment, transferring intellectual property and consulting. 

Our researchers can help you succeed. Connect with us. 

Office of the Associate Dean, Research & External Relations

Telephone: (905) 525-9140

Extension:  27129

Office Location : JHE A318 

 Office Hours: 8:30AM to 4:30PM



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