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Image Courtesy of Cadman Power Equipment

Quality Assurance Top Priority for Graduate of W Booth SchoolNovember 15, 2018

Quality assurance is all about maintaining standards. It’s a comprehensive process that’s driving increased efficiencies in sectors ranging from healthcare and education to energy and manufacturing.

“Like it or not, every engineer has a stake in quality,” says Aidan Boyle, Mechanical Design Engineer at Cadman Power Equipment Limited, an Ontario-based manufacturer that specializes in irrigation systems for sports fields and agriculture, manure application systems, and high-volume water pumps. He belongs to a company that believes quality is a shared responsibility across a workforce of approximately 150 employees and a host of suppliers. “It’s a commitment that starts at the top,” he says.

Aidan is a graduate of the W Booth School B Tech Program (Automotive and Vehicle Engineering Technology, 2017). Our school’s applied approach to education, coupled with work-integrated learning, suited his preferences. “I like to get my hands dirty,” says Aidan, recalling a capstone project devoted to prototyping a new type of semi-active suspension system for the automotive industry. “We developed a simpler, lower-cost design,” he recalls.

While at the W Booth School, Aidan also enjoyed a shop floor co-op placement at THK Rhythm Automotive Canada that led to the implementation of various process systems improvements.

From a classroom perspective, Aidan thrived in the “Quality Control and Assurance Methods” course (GENTECH 3LS3) taught by Karen Lawrence. This course, mandatory for all B Tech students, focuses on planning, measurement, control and improvement of quality using statistical tools, tests and methods.

“Karen gave real world examples and got everyone involved,” remembers Aidan. “She made statistics easier to understand and apply.” In his fourth year, he served as Karen’s teaching assistant for this course.

Karen also organizes an annual showcase of student projects in partnership with the Hamilton Section of the American Society for Quality. It provides a platform for students to interact with industry professionals and an opportunity for school faculty to keep pace with new and emerging trends.

Aidan thinks lessons learned from studying quality assurance have made him an even better mechanical engineer at Cadman Power Equipment. “When I’m developing a design, I’m always asking myself, ‘how can I make it easier to maintain quality standards?’”

Getting it right contributes to every aspect of the company’s long-term performance and profitability, says Aidan.

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Photo: Aidan Boyle of Cadman Power Equipment