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Pursuit of Authenticity Drives McMaster Engineering GraduateOctober 30, 2018

Live and work with passion and purpose. That’s the advice of McMaster alumnus Pouyan Safapour, Bachelor of Engineering (2009) and Master of Engineering (2011).

Pouyan is the Chief Operating Officer with Devron Developments, a family-owned real estate developer headquartered in Toronto and specializing in premium built, multi-storey condominiums.

Operating in one of North America’s most active high-rise residential construction markets, Devron distinguishes itself through innovative design, integrated services and business integrity. These attributes, coupled with a commitment to the principles of sustainability, guide the company’s quest to change people’s perception of high density living, the new reality in today’s compact urban centres. This means creating a modern conception of “home” and promoting contemporary lifestyle benefits such as walkability, access to public transit and cultural programming.

Another differentiator is Devron’s in-house, multi-disciplinary team of experts in architecture, structural engineering and urban planning. According to Pouyan, this enables the company to offer a “comprehensive approach” to residential development in an age of ever-changing market conditions, customer expectations and government policies. Complex challenges that arise are tackled internally in an efficient manner.

Pouyan credits a McMaster education as foundational to his success. In addition to technical courses in the disciplines of structural engineering and sustainable development, McMaster offered a welcoming environment to test assumptions, develop emotional intelligence and embrace a holistic view of engineering as a force for good. The university also provided “a balance of challenge and support” while building “mental toughness,” recalls Pouyan. He is especially grateful to Professors Brian Baetz and Vladimir Mahalec for their mentorship.

McMaster’s teaching and learning philosophy has had an impact on Devron. Pouyan’s says his educational experiences are reflected in how the company utilizes low impact design, family-friendly layouts with large floorplates, energy conservation strategies, and durable building materials, such as stone and metal. These and other sustainable building practices will help ensure that Devron properties create community value that stands the test of time.

Pouyan says he’s found personal “authenticity” as a development professional intent on leaving a positive legacy. His recommendation for students transitioning to work: “Let your passion be the fire that drives you.”

Photo: Pouyan Safapour, COO of Devron Developments