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MSU celebrates teaching excellence with 2019 Teaching AwardsMarch 22, 2019

Assistant professor Mostafa Soliman recognized in 2019 MSU Teaching Awards.

Twenty people in the McMaster community received recognition for their dedication to teaching at the annual McMaster Student Union (MSU) Teaching Awards ceremony held earlier this week, including Assistant Professor Mostafa Soliman in the W Booth School of Engineering and Practice and Technology.

The awards, which were established in 1978, recognize outstanding teaching performance, including the ability to communicate, approachability and enthusiasm of the instructor. Recipients are determined by the number of nominations as well as class evaluations.

“The Teaching Awards ceremony gathers outstanding educators who, through their teaching excellence, have and will continue to impact the lives of many students,” says Casey Li, the coordinator for the MSU Teaching Awards committee. “Through this ceremony, we want to celebrate the life-changing work that is done every day by leaders in education…and thank them for their commitment to education and creativity, and for their often contagious positive energy. As students, we don’t always tell our educators that we appreciate them, and through this ceremony, we hope they recognize that their students value what they have been doing.”

Drawn from a pool of 35 nominees, the student-nominated faculty award winners were:

  • Arts & Science: David Penner
  • DeGroote School of Business: Teal McAteer
  • Department of Kinesiology: Krista Howarth
  • Faculty of Engineering: Mostafa Soliman
  • Faculty of Health Sciences: Margaret Secord-Gilbert
  • Faculty of Humanities: Tracy Wong
  • School of Nursing: Jillian Halladay
  • Faculty of Science: Felicia Vulcu
  • Faculty of Social Sciences: Jessica Braimoh


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