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Graduate of W Booth School Scores Win at 2017 Lion’s Lair Pitch CompetitionSeptember 28, 2017

Lion's Lair pitch competition celebrates the fruits of entrepreneurship in the Hamilton community.

Lumago Inc., a start-up that emerged from the W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology at McMaster University in 2015, was the third prize winner in this year’s Lion’s Lair pitch competition celebrating the fruits of entrepreneurship in the Hamilton community. The company specializes in smart, customizable technology for the global aquaponics industry.

Co-founder and CEO Melissa Houghton (Master of Engineering Entrepreneurship and Innovation, McMaster University 2016) accepted a prize package totalling more than $40,000 in cash and in-kind services. The judging panel noted Lumago’s unique value proposition, contributions to sustainable prosperity and commitment to consumer education. Melissa intends to invest the winnings in ongoing research and marketing.

A large group of W Booth School faculty, staff and students attended the gala awards ceremony, including Melissa’s former enterprise advisor, Dr. David Potter. HiNT Neuro, another W Booth School start-up, was a 2017 Lion’s Lair finalist.

Lion’s Lair is an initiative of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce and Innovation Factory supported by numerous partners, including McMaster University.

Congratulations Melissa and team — continued success from everyone at McMaster’s Faculty of Engineering.