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About W Booth School

The W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology within McMaster University’s Faculty of Engineering is dedicated to student-centred experiential learning through flexible, adaptable and innovative programs and teaching using state of the art resources and facilities. Our learning environment emphasizes hands-on education and transferable skills to produce engaged graduates ready to serve a diverse community and societal needs. 

Undergraduate Programs

Seven undergraduate programs, including the McMaster-Mohawk Bachelor of Technology Partnership.

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Combined Degree/Diploma
Automotive & Vehicle Engineering Technology
Automation Engineering Technology

Degree Completion Program
Civil Engineering Infrastructure Technology
Power and Energy Engineering Technology
Manufacturing Engineering Technology
Software Engineering Technology

Certificate Programs
Certificate in Technology

Graduate Programs

Five graduate programs focused on tackling complex global challenges through problem-based learning.

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Engineering Design
Engineering and Public Policy
Engineering Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Manufacturing Engineering

Our Vision: To be internationally recognized for excellence in practice-based education that produces holistic change leaders and innovators who create sustainable prosperity and positively impact the environment, society and the economy.

We are home to seven undergraduate and five graduate programs. Our unique specializations focus on the cross-section of technology and society. In small classes, students work closely as groups to find creative solutions for a changing world. Our partnership with Mohawk College - a hallmark of the W Booth School since its inception - enables us to provide specialized offerings, including a Bachelor of Technology degree tailored to the needs of industry.

At both the undergraduate and graduate levels, students are immersed in education that is practice-based and innovative.  Students connect with the community, spend time in labs, and work collaboratively with industry as part of their education.

Key Facts

Founded in 2005

Current Enrollment:1,500+ students (undergrad and grad)

Alumni: 2,500 and counting

92% of our alumni are employed in their field of study within six months of graduating

The late Walter G. Booth, a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and 1962 Faculty of Engineering graduate, gave generously to McMaster, the only university willing to take a chance on his non-conventional route through the post-secondary education system.

Student Spotlights

Quality Assurance Top Priority for Graduate of W Booth School

November 15, 2018 /  Department News

Quality Assurance Top Priority for Graduate of W Booth School

Quality assurance is all about maintaining standards. It’s a comprehensive process that’s driving increased efficiencies in sectors ranging from healthcare and education to energy and manufacturing.

Pursuit of Authenticity Drives McMaster Engineering Graduate

October 30, 2018 /  Department News

Pursuit of Authenticity Drives McMaster Engineering Graduate

Live and work with passion and purpose. That’s the advice of McMaster alumnus Pouyan Safapour, Bachelor of Engineering (2009) and Master of Engineering (2011).

SEPT Master's Student Launches "Wonda" on Kickstarter

May 7, 2018 /  Department News

SEPT Master's Student Launches "Wonda" on Kickstarter

Wonda: gamify multiplication and division! Learning multiplication and division can be quite difficult for kids, wonda makes it as easy as spinning circles.

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Undergraduate Studies

Combined Degree/Diploma

High school or post-secondary transfer students earn a degree, diploma, and 12 months of work experience in 4.5 years of study.

Program Streams:

Degree Completion Program

College and University graduates advance directly to level 3 of a degree.  Flexible evening and weekend courses make it possible for technologists and internationally educated professionals to gain Canadian credentials while working.

Program Streams:

Certificate Programs

Certificate in Technology: Canadian and internationally educated professionals advance their career with evening and weekend courses in technology and leadership.

Graduate Studies

Our customized graduate studies learning methodology reflects core subject matter viewed through a market-driven, experiential learning lens. Curriculum is structured so that academics converge with learning by practice in real time. Creativity and innovation are nurtured throughout this educational experience. Program graduates will have a set of technical and professional skills that enable an enhanced range of career choices in tomorrow’s world.

We offer Master of Engineering Programs specializing in:

Featured Initiatives:

  • Practitioner's Forum
  • Innovation Studio
    • An Initiative of the W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology where students learn how to pursue value creation through the practice of thought leadership, interdisciplinary initiatives and community building.

2017-18 Timetable of Graduate Courses


Why Enrol?

Benefits from Attending the W Booth School:

  • Gain marketable technical, leadership and entrepreneurial skills
  • Access state of the art facilities and labs – including the new "Learning Factory" at W Booth
  • Connect with technical and business mentors
  • Build professional networks
  • Apply for generous bursaries and scholarships
W Booth School


Project Profiles

Eco-Pen Startup Begins to Blossom at W Booth School

November 26, 2018 /  Department News

Eco-Pen Startup Begins to Blossom at W Booth School

These two W Booth School graduate students are writing a new chapter in the story of eco-entrepreneurship in Canada.

Friendship at W Booth School Sparks High Tech Start Up

June 5, 2018 /  Department News

Friendship at W Booth School Sparks High Tech Start Up

Fourth year students Cole Kirschner and Nathan Cawte are bullish on the future of predictive technology applied to human health.

W Booth School Opens Doors for Professional Development

April 16, 2018 /  Department News

W Booth School Opens Doors for Professional Development

Good things can happen when students seize extracurricular growth opportunities.

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