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Nancy Photo

Nancy Balfoort

Director, Finance & Administration

Maria Photo

Maria White

Assistant Dean (Studies)

Lindsay  Photo

Lindsay Bolan

Director, Outreach & Engagement

Stephanie Photo

Stephanie Harper

Associate Director, Co-op & Career Services

Leah Photo

Leah Rosenthal

Associate Director, Engineering Student Recruitment & Youth Outreach

Amber Photo

Amber Bukata

Manager, Staffing & Administration

Michael Photo

Michael Curwin

Associate Director, Information Technology & Services

Rachelle Photo

Rachelle Ireson

Manager, Talent Partnerships & Employer Relations

Vania Photo

Vania Loyzer

Manager, Finance

Ciara Photo

Ciara McCann

Manager, Communications

Kristina  Photo

Kristina Minnella

Manager, Career Education & Professional Development

Paige Photo

Paige O'Beirne

Manager, Alumni Relations

Samuel Photo

Samuel Adeboye

Student Engagement Specialist

Jennifer Photo

Jennifer Anderson

Administrator, McMaster Manufacturing Research Institute (MMRI)

Jessica Photo

Jessica Anderson

Administrator, Level 1 Engineering

Sadia Photo

Sadia Anjum

Career Development & Relationship Manager, Engineering Co-op and Career Services

Andrew Photo

Andrew Aran

IT and Accreditation Support Analyst, Information Technology & Services

Katie Photo

Katie Barker

Specialist, Events and Communications

Salman Photo

Salman Bawa

Community Engagement Coordinator

Bipasha Photo

Bipasha Bose

Project Manager, Material Property Assessment, McMaster Manufacturing Research Institute (MMRI)

Elisa Photo

Elisa Bozzelli

Career Educator, Engineering Co-op and Career Services

Mike Photo

Mike Bruhis

Research Engineer, Centre for Automotive Materials and Corrosion

Mary-Catherine Photo

Mary-Catherine Buczkowicz

Administrative Assistant, Recruitment & Events (on leave)

Gabriel Photo

Gabriel Castagner

Instructional Assistant I

Iwona Photo

Iwona Centurami

Engineering Alumni Officer, Alumni Relations

Robyn Photo

Robyn Chiborak

Administrative Assistant, Co-op & Career Services

Elizabeth Photo

Elizabeth Clark

Assistant Program Coordinator, Engineering Co-op & Career Services

Jim Photo

Jim Cleaver

Machinist - Lead Hand, Engineering Research Machine Shop

Andrea Photo

Andrea Colbert-DeGeit

Executive Officer & Executive Assistant to the Dean

Brennan Photo

Brennan Conry

Academic Advisor - Software Engineering, Integrated Biomedical Engineering & Health Sciences

Joy Photo

Joy Coomber

Financial Administrative Assistant

Alaine Photo

Alaine Coschi

Senior Development Officer, Corporate Partnerships

Sinisa Photo

Sinisa Crkvenjas

Systems Analyst/Web Developer, Information Technology & Services

Paula Photo

Paula Davies-Barlow

Administrative Assistant, Engineering Co-op and Career Services

Megan Photo

Megan Donohue

Talent Partnership Consultant, Engineering Co-op and Career Services

Kevin Photo

Kevin Fitzgerald

Analytics Officer

Katie Photo

Katie Gadawski

Career Development & Relationship Manager, Engineering Co-op and Career Services

Hope Photo

Hope Gianicos

Instructional Coordinator, Level 1 Engineering

Louise Photo

Louise Gazzola

Experiential Program Coordinator, Engineering Co-op and Career Services

Stephanie Photo

Stephanie Haak

Administrative Assistant, Engineering & Management, Engineering & Society, the Innovation Minor, and MacChangers/Grand Challenges

Darlene Photo

Darlene Hayward

Academic Advisor - Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Engineering Physics, Materials Science & Engineering

Martha Photo

Martha Kafuko

Laboratory Technician

Krista Photo

Krista Kim

Marketing & Communications Strategist

Siobhan  Photo

Siobhan Koch

Liaison Officer, Graduate Studies & BTech DCP

Milic Photo

Milic Kovacevic

Career Development & Relationship Manager (Mechanical Engineering) Engineering Co-op and Career Services

Natalia  Photo

Natalia Kowalska

Liaison Officer, Domestic

Pamela Photo

Pamela Lauren

Career Resource Coordinator

Sinah Photo

Sinah Lee

Academic Advisor

Florent Photo

Florent Lefevre-Schlick

Manager, Certificate Programs, W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology

Sophia Photo

Sophia Lourenco

Administrative Assistant, Associate Dean (Academic)

Tiago Photo

Tiago Lourenco

Recruitment Assistant, Engineering Co-op and Career Services

Tina Photo

Tina Macala

Instructional Coordinator, Level 1 Engineering (on leave)

Diana Photo

Diana Maltese

Administrative Assistant to the Dean

Beth  Photo

Beth McNally

Principal Research Engineer and Operations Manager, Centre for Automotive Materials and Corrosion

Terry Photo

Terry Milson

Faculty Advancement Officer

Genevieve  Photo

Genevieve Neilson

Office Assistant

Fazmin Photo

Fazmin Nizam

Lead Technical Specialist

Sarah Photo

Sarah Novosedlik

Administrator, Research (on leave)

Shannon Photo

Shannon O'Connell

Career Resource Coordinator

Christina Photo

Christina Pellegrini

Administrator, Research

Adam Photo

Adam Pepler

Talent Partnership Consultant, Engineering Co-op and Career Services

Trish Photo

Trish Petozzi

Liaison Officer, International

Valerie Photo

Valerie Preston

Career Development & Relationship Manager, Engineering Co-op and Career Services

Melissa Photo

Melissa Pyefinch

Camp Coordinator, Venture Academy

Christine Photo

Christine Rich

Career Development & Relationship Manager (Graduate), Engineering Co-op and Career Services

Philip Photo

Philip Roung

Machinist, Engineering Research Machine Shop

Jesse Photo

Jesse Sahota

Career Educator, Engineering Co-op and Career Services

Anna Photo

Anna Sciascetti

Program Manager, Engineering & Management, Engineering & Society, Minor in Innovation, and MacChangers/Grand Challenges

Amanda Photo

Amanda Sly

Career Development & Relationship Manager (Mechatronics, Materials & Physics)

Elysia (Ellie) Photo

Elysia (Ellie) Somogyvari

Career Educator, Engineering Co-op and Career Services

Sam Photo

Sam Stewart

Career Development & Relationship Manager, Engineering Co-op & Career Services

Hala Photo

Hala Sulaiman

Recruitment Assistant, Co-op & Career Services

Amy Photo

Amy Tatemichi

Alumni Engagement Officer

Caroline Photo

Caroline Way

Technical Administrative Assistant, Engineering Support Services

Sally Photo

Sally Williams

Academic Advisor - Electrical Engineering, Electrical & Biomedical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering & Exchange student

Karen Photo

Karen Winger

Administrative Assistant, Associate Dean (Academic)

Basem Photo

Basem Yassa

Instructional Assistant II

Sarah Photo

Sarah Alizerig

Community Outreach and Engagement Manager

Omoseke Photo

Omoseke Fowode

Web & Graphic Designer

Abigail Photo

Abigail Laulman

Advancement Intern

Meggie Photo

Meggie MacDougall

Communications Officer

Jimika Photo

Jimika Mcgean

Recruitment & Promotions Coordinator

Christine Photo

Christine Rankin

Communications Officer

Emily Photo

Emily Waldron

Equity Diversity and Inclusion Events and Admin Coordinator

Jenn Photo

Jenn Walsom

Senior Development Officer

Amanda Photo

Amanda Ayer

Future Student Services Professional

Joel Photo

Joel Côté

Associate Director, Development

Gwen Photo

Gwen Herlt

Recruitment and Events Assistant

John Photo

John Wood

Principal Giving Officer

Monica Photo

Monica Darroch

Manager (ECCS), Career Education & Professional Development

Tory Photo

Tory Kenny

Assistant Program Coordinator, Student Engagement (ECCS)

Rachel  Photo

Rachel MacMurchy

Career Resource Coordinator (ECCS)