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Dr. Saiedeh Razavi


Department of Civil Engineering

Chair in Heavy Construction

Department of Civil Engineering

Director of McMaster Institute for Transportation & Logistics

Department of Civil Engineering

Associate Member of the School of Geography and Earth Sciences

McMaster University

Construction; Transportation; Construction Work Zone; Smart Construction; Intelligent Transportation Systems; Safety; Mobility; Connected Vehicle; Autonomous Vehicle; Smart Cities; Infrastructure Management; Logistics; Sensing; Automation; Data Fusion; Risk Analysis; Artificial Intelligence; Machine Learning
Areas of Specialization:
Research Clusters:
+1 905.525.9140 x 27155


Areas of Research

  • Connected Mobility and Smart Infrastructure for Enhanced Construction Management : This stream of research aims to investigate transformative applications of cognition for enhanced digital intelligence in connected mobility and smart construction. It also study the applications of smart transportation technologies and smart infrastructure that have the potential of enhancing construction management practices and mobility in and around construction work zones, improving safety, and reducing fuel consumption. Analysis of data from the infrastructure, construction equipment, workers, connected vehicles, and other travelers is at the core of this research stream.
  • Transformative and Disruptive Transportation Systems: my research on transformative and disruptive transportation systems focuses on mobility, safety, economic, social and environmental implications of autonomous and connected mobility, electrification, and shared mobility.


B.Sc. (Sharif) M.Sc. (Iran) Ph.D. (Waterloo)


Dr. Saiedeh Razavi is the inaugural Chair in Heavy Construction, Associate Professor at the Department of Civil Engineering at McMaster University, and the Director of the McMaster Institute for Transportation and Logistics (MITL).  Dr. Razavi has a multidisciplinary background and considerable experience in collaborating and leading national and international multidisciplinary team-based projects in sensing and data acquisition, sensor technologies, data analytics, data fusion and their applications in safety, productivity, and mobility of transportation, construction, and other systems. She combines several years of industrial experience with academic teaching and research. Her formal education includes degrees in Computer Engineering (B.Sc), Artificial Intelligence (M.Sc) and Civil Engineering (Ph.D). Her research, funded by Canadian council (NSERC), as well as the ministry of Transportation of Ontario, focuses on connected and automated vehicles, on smart and connected work zones and on computational models for improving safety and productivity of transportation infrastructure projects.  Dr. Razavi brings together the private and public sectors with academia for the development of high quality research in smarter mobility, construction and logistics. She has received several awards including McMasters Student Union Merit Award for Teaching, the Faculty of Engineering Team Excellent Award, and the Construction Industry Institute best poster award.


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