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Dr. Kevin Browne

Assistant Professor

Department of Computing and Software

Human-Computer Interaction; Software Architecture; Web Development; Entrepreneurship


In recent years I've been teaching courses related to software architecture, advanced web development, human-computer interaction, and introductory computing.  I'm very interested in pedagogy research, education technology research, computing outreach, K-12 computing education, and student entrepreneurism. I'm always happy to talk about new student side projects and startups and support them as I'm able to, please feel free to reach out to chat!


PhD in Computer Science, McMaster University, 2016

MSc in Computer Science, McMaster University, 2009

HBSc in Computer Science, McMaster University, 2007


Past experience includes:

  • Professor of Computer Science & IT, Mohawk College, 2013-2020.
  • Sessional Lecturer & Teaching Assistant, McMaster University, 2004-2020.
  • Industry experience with IBM, NCR & freelance consultancy.
  • Founder of Software Hamilton, Code OntarioHamilton Code Clubs and other tech community-building projects.  
  • Partner, CoMotion co-working spaces.



Articles published or accepted in refereed journals

Kevin Browne and Christopher Anand. (2018) An Empirical Evaluation of Reading Comprehension Tablet Software Utilizing the Question Generation Strategy. The Journal of Literacy and Technology. Volume 19, Number 2, Winter 2018, Pages 2–49. [pdf]

Kevin Browne, Christopher Anand and Elizabeth Gosse. (2014) Gamification and serious game approaches for adult literacy tablet software. Entertainment Computing. Volume 5, Issue 3, August 2014, Pages 135–146. [pdf]

Kevin Browne and Christopher Anand. (2012) An Empirical Evaluation of User Interfaces for a Mobile Video Game. Entertainment Computing. Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2012, Pages 1–10. [pdf]

Kevin Browne, Sanzheng Qiao, and Yimin Wei. (2009) A Lanczos Bidiagonalization Algorithm for Hankel Matrices. Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 430: 1531-1543. [pdf]

Full papers published or accepted in refereed conferences

Christopher Anand, Kevin Browne. (2013) Gamification and Serious Game Approaches for Introductory Computer Science Tablet Software Gamification 2013. University of Waterloo, Stratford Ontario, October 3rd, 2013. (35% acceptance rate) [pdf]

Masters thesis

Browne, Kevin, “Performance Simulation with the Coconut Multicore Framework for the Cell/B.E.” (2009). [pdf]

PhD thesis

Browne, Kevin, “Gamification of Mobile Educational Software” (2016). [pdf]


Professor Award of Excellence, Mohawk College, 2018

Top 40 Under 40 (Hamilton), Business Link Media Group, 2016

Millennium Award for Community Service, McMaster Graduate Student Association, 2014

Difizen of the Year, Innovation Factory, 2013

IBM Centre for Advanced Studies Fellowship, 2008-2010

The Gerald L. Keech Medal, McMaster University, 2007