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What does Engineering mean to Women in Engineering?June 21, 2018

June 23, 2018 is International Women in Engineering Day and a few of our students have taken the time to give us an insight on what being an engineer means to her.

Akansha Prasad
Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering

While other disciplines aim to understand reality, engineers ultimately seek to build a new reality, a better place for everyone.” To me, engineering represents hope. It bridges theories, laws and equations to real-world solutions, with the ultimate goal of tackling life’s greatest challenges. Despite all the chaos present in today’s world, engineering encourages us to dream for a better tomorrow and ensures we embrace innovation to actualize these dreams into a new reality."

Mosana Abraha
Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering

“Engineering to me is innovation and scientific advancement. Where we are able to push the boundaries and collectively improve the quality of life for all.”



Faaria Khan
Engineering Physics and Biomedical Engineering

"The word engineering is derived from ‘ingenium’ in Latin, which means the aptness to problem-solving, cleverness in design and skill in devising. While this does represent what engineering is about, to me engineering at its very core is about humanity.  It’s everything from combating disease to informing public policy, making our environment healthier and helping to build the cities of the future, engineers work collaboratively to address the most urgent needs in our society."



Hope, Innovation, & Humanity is what Engineering means to us, what does it mean to you?