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Students explore grad studies options at Engineering Graduate Studies Tour October 6, 2017

Working with cutting-edge technologies. Building connections with industry. Making a difference in the world. These are just a few of the reasons why undergraduate engineering students pursue graduate studies.

Working with cutting-edge technologies. Building connections with industry. Making a difference in the world. These are just a few of the reasons why undergraduate engineering students pursue graduate studies.

Last week, more than 200 students had the opportunity to connect with Canada’s leading engineering schools under one roof at McMaster’s Engineering Graduate Studies Tour, an event that was part of a traveling road show series that took place at universities across Canada. The event series, launched by the Canadian Graduate Engineering Consortium, invited students to explore various graduate degree options.

“Today’s event was a huge success,” explained Michael Thompson, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, Faculty of Engineering. “Undergraduate students explored their interests in graduate studies. They were excited, engaged and encouraged to join one of the many world-leading research or professional-based programs to start an amazing career.”

During the event, representatives from McMaster, UBC, McGill, University of Toronto, Queen’s, University of Waterloo and the University of Alberta shared information on admission requirements, the difference between a professional and research graduate degree and career possibilities.

The Canadian Graduate Engineering Consortium is a recruitment initiative that brings together seven of Canada’s top universities to address the country’s need for qualified engineers who can solve today’s most complex technical, social and environmental challenges.

Below, hear from four students interested in pursuing a graduate degree and learn more about graduate studies at McMaster Engineering. 

Names (L to R): Jamal Habash and Glenne Grossman
Programs: Jamal studies Computer Engineering and Society and Glenne studies Electrical and Biomedical Engineering
How they met: Working for McMaster’s Venture Youth Program

Jamal: “Grad studies gives me a good way to expand what I’ve already learned in my undergraduate degree while giving me the opportunity to further my learning through getting one on one time with professors and taking more advanced classes. Also, at McMaster, they have good connections with companies I want to work for in the future.”

Glenne: “I want to improve healthcare in Canada and I think that grad studies will give me the skills I need to really make a difference.”

Name: Amanda Thomas
Program: Electrical Engineering

“I’m interested in doing research in the area of electronics. I want to be able to go more in depth    in the subject and be more of a specialist in that field. I also want to get the skills to be able to go into industry and work on innovative and creative projects.”

Name: Prakhar Garg
Program: Mechatronics Engineering and Management

 “I’m interested in what I’ve learned in school and I want to learn a lot more about it. Participating in events like, First Robotics has also taught me a lot about where the gaps in my knowledge are. I want to get more experience in the field and more time with professors to learn about cutting-edge technologies. I hope grad studies fills those gaps.”