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Student wins Women in Transportation AwardFebruary 15, 2019

Anastasia Soukhov, a fourth-year Engineering and Society student at McMaster University, was honoured by the Undergraduate Women in Transportation Award.

Anastasia Soukhov was the sole recipient of the Undergraduate Women in Transportation Award, worth $2,500, by the Women in Transportation Seminar (WTS). WTS is an organization that focuses on the professional development, encouragement and recognition of women in the transportation professions. Anastasia shares what sparked her passion for transportation, the professor who helped her turn those passions into a reality and more.

 What did it mean to you to receive the award?

Hearing from people who are actively involved in the transportation industry, particularly from women in the industry who are interested in seeing other women succeed, made me feel very honoured.

What sparked your passion for transportation?

I went into Civil Engineering knowing that I wanted to make an impact on the world, but didn't know how. I was just told, "Engineering is the way you go. You'll get a job and do anything with it." So I began exploring all sides of it through extracurricular participation and through my involvement with the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) McMaster Chapter, I realized I was really interested in the transportation field. It mixes technical aspects of engineering and incorporates planning and various social aspects. It's a broad and important field but feels like a niche within Civil Engineering.

How did McMaster Engineering help you pursue your passion?

The Civil Engineering and Society program has given me a great foundation for my career in transportation. This unique program allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the Civil Engineering curriculum through the exploration of societal impacts as a result of engineered solutions and the option to pursue a complimentary minor to my degree. The flexibility of the co-op program has also allowed me to take on a year-long work term at a transportation engineering consulting firm (CIMA+). The work and research experience has diversified my academic experience and kick-started my transportation career.

How has your professor, Moataz Mohamed, helped nurture your passion for transportation?

Dr. Moataz Mohamed did a superb job teaching the required transportation engineering courses, and he did (and continues doing) a phenomenal job reaching out to students who show an interest in the subject. I’m currently working with him on a part-time undergraduate independent research project; an opportunity sparked through his teaching style and extracurricular involvement. He's really helped fostered my love for transportation through the development of research skills.