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Sparking that Mac Eng feeling with Mac Eng Reignites September 15, 2022

With the return to a fully in-person semester this fall, McMaster Engineering celebrated with a week of engaging events for the community.

The hustle and bustle of campus at the start of a new semester was made even more exciting with the return of Mac Eng Reignites, a week-long series of events that brought over 2,000 staff, faculty and staff together. 

In collaboration with the Engineering Grad Society (EGS) and McMaster Engineering Society (MES), we planned a range of events: a hike through Cootes, free food truck fare, a dunk tank featuring our own brave Dean, Heather Sheardown, and more!

Heather Sheardown being successfully dunked in the dunk tank

Here are a few highlights from Mac Eng Reignites. 

Food Trucks 

Reuniting students with free food was a top priority. Choosing from 23 flavours and a variety of toppings, the first day of class was made a bit sweeter with ice cream from Crazy Cravings. Then to cap off the week, students could choose between Kono Pizza Cones or a chicken sandwich from Dirty South to feed their hungry minds.  

Students line up around the Hatch building for food trucks A group of students eat their sandwiches
A group of students stands in front of the Dirty South food truck Two woman stand in front of Kono Pizza Cones truck

Cootes Hike 

A group of Mac Eng students were led on a hike through the Cootes trails behind McMaster by Noah Stegman, from Nature@McMaster. Learning how to tell the difference between Virginia Creeper berries (poisonous) and wild grapes (yum) and smelling skunk cabbage (very stinky) were just a few nature highlights. 

Noah leads a group of students on a hike through a path A strand of tiny purple grapes

Prize Wheel  

There's no better way to start the year than by upgrading your Mac Eng gear! After spinning the prize wheel, our students were rewarded with swag like fanny packs, bucket hat pins and magnets, tattoos (temporary of course) and Mac Eng Proud t-shirts.  

A women spins the prize wheel (another woman in the background has noticed the photo is being taken and has leaned in with a big smile on her face) a group of students show off their swag

Fireball Family Feud 

To encourage our Fireball Family to connect with the community and with others in their department, the MES and EGS organized friendly challenges that pitted each department against each other in a Fireball Family Feud!  
Each day, students would participate in challenges on behalf of their department, which lead to a final faceoff race! The winning department, Computing and Software, are now the proud owners of a 3D printed fireball trophy. 

students run through blue chalk that is being thrown at them A group of students run through a cloud of orange chalk
a group of students runs through a cloud of purple chalk a group of students runs through a cloud of green chalk

One of the most popular activities was the dunk tank! After donating to a fund that supports Forcibly Displaced Students and Scholars at Mac, participants threw a ball to test their aim. Dean, Heather Sheardown, MES and EGS execs and faculty members courageously volunteered to be dunked. We are thrilled to share that we raised $500.