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Six unique gift ideas created by McMaster Engineering alumniDecember 1, 2020

Looking for the perfect gift for the upcoming holidays? Look no further. These alumni are selling the best gifts for your family and friends for the holiday season.

Stitch ‘n Clay - Scrub caps and polymer clay jewelry 

Jacklyn Spackman (BEngScty ‘11) is the creator of Stitch ‘n Clay, a collection of vibrant scrub caps for healthcare workers, jewelry and more. You can browse her collection on Etsy, and support her on Instagram (@stitch.n.clay) or Facebook 


Emily Lightstone Art - Oil and watercolour  

Emily Lightstone (BEngScty ‘17) is painting beautiful pieces of art this holiday season. You can purchase her art on Etsy and see more of her work on Instagram (@emilylightstoneart), Facebook or her website 


Voxel Prints - Custom 3D printed items  

Olivia Paserin (BEng ‘16) is offering custom 3D printing for a variety of items, including pet tags, baking prints and mask accessories. Purchase her products on Etsy, and find her on Instagram (@voxelprints3d) and her website 


Moving to Climate Change Hours by Ross Belot 

From industrial accidents to frozen highways, Belot (BEngMgt '87) charts what faces a working man in stripped-down lyric poetry. Moving to Climate Change Hours is a solemn ode to the end of oil, filled with poems that have seen it all and can acknowledge the darkness that’s coming while still finding beauty in the arched neck of a tundra swan. With a filmmaker’s sense of atmosphere and an environmentalist’s urgency, Belot’s stark lines take the reader deep into the heart of the industrial man. View the book here.


Best-selling novels by Terry Fallis 

A two-time winner of the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour, Terry Fallis (BEng '83) is the award-winning author of seven national bestsellers, including his most recent, Albatross (2019), all published by McClelland & Stewart (M&S). His other titles include One Brother Shy, Poles Apart, No Relation, Up and Down, The Best Laid Plans and The High Road. View his website here.


Decoding Mechanical Failures by Shane Turcott  

When a component fails, its fracture surface is the greatest source of information as to why it failed - it just needs to be decoded. Turcott's (BEng '01, MASc '04) book introduces fractography and how to decode the fracture features of mechanical failures. It demonstrates how to visually diagnose and interpret ductile, brittle and fatigue failures using numerous examples. View the book here.