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#InsidetheLab: The diverse research areas of advanced manufacturing November 10, 2017

Students working at the McMaster Manufacturing Research Institute (MMRI) are enhancing productivity, improving quality and increasing the lifespan of materials used in various manufacturing industries.

Today, the MMRI team is making their #InsidetheLab debut on McMaster Engineering’s Instagram page to give followers a deeper look at how their various areas of research are helping Canada become a world leader in advanced manufacturing.

“The MMRI gives us experience with real life manufacturing issues,” said Shafiul Alam, MASc student in Mechanical Engineering. “I believe our theoretical knowledge and industrial projects are shaping us for the next generation manufacturing engineering for Canadian industries.”

Research at the MMRI is diverse, ranging from high-performance manufacturing processes to Industry 4.0 technologies.

Saharnaz Montazeri, PhD student in Mechanical Engineering focuses on improving materials used in aerospace and turbine industries.

“My goal is to find coatings that can reduce tool wear during machining of nickel-based alloys to improve tool life,” explained Montazeri.

“My research area is related to modeling and simulation of metal cutting processes,” said Ardalan Emamian, MASc student in Mechanical Engineering. “This is huge part of manufacturing world that helps us better understand the physics and science behind the process so we can design optimum tool geometry to avoid damage that comes from from high temperatures, high cutting forces and premature tool failure.”

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