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Female high school students explored interests in STEM at Eng Overnight May 19, 2018

Grade 11 female students experienced what it’s like to be a McMaster Engineering student at the second Eng Overnight Event on May 11.

As part of Science Odyssey, a ten day celebration of STEM in Canada, the event gave 86 students the opportunity to enjoy hands-on STEM workshops, talk one-on-one with students and faculty and get a glimpse into university life with an overnight stay on campus.

Meet four of the students who attended and see how the event sparked their interest in attending McMaster.

Name: Fiona (Fei) Mu
High School: Agincourt Collegiate Institute

Q: What are you most looking forward to today?
A: I’m excited for the workshop on coding. I didn’t take computer science in high school so I think this is a good opportunity to learn about coding and the basics of computer science. I know that’s a big part of engineering and I want to see if I like it or not.I think that the fact that the Internet exists is pretty fascinating, and that really ties into coding and how everything works

Q: What made you interested in McMaster?
A: I’m very interested in the iBioMed program. I know Mac is one of the only schools that offer this. I like that in first year there’s the engineering part and the health sciences part, and that’s kind of a mixture of my interests. The other schools I’m looking at don’t have any first year program that ties engineering and health sciences together. So it’s a really special program that’s here.

Name: Zoë Bonk
High School: Bishop Redding Catholic Secondary School
Q: Why are you considering engineering?

A: I took a course that taught me how to code and build a robot. It was something I never had the opportunity to try before. I fell in love with it and I realized I can make a career out of this and do this for the rest of my life.
Q: What’s appealing about McMaster?
A: I have friends and family who have all gone to McMaster and loved it. It seemed like it would be something I’d be really interested in looking at. Then I learned about out all the different clubs that it has and the musical theatre programs it boasts and it encompasses a lot of my different interests into one university and I decide that it was definitely something to consider.

Name: Eleanor Gough
High School: Abbey Park Secondary
Q: Why did you come to this event?
A: I wanted to experience the different fields of engineering while also being with girls in my age group. I feel that everyone’s in the same boat right now so it’s really cool to have conversations with people to see what they’re interested in as well.
Q: What do you hope to learn today?
A: I’m really interested in civil engineering so I’m really looking forward talking to people who are in that program to just get an idea of what the program is like, what they do and how they got there. As well, I’d like to talk to them about their whole experience at university.

Name: Noor Toeama
School: Dr. Frank J. Hayden Secondary School

Q: What do you like about engineering?
A: I’m really interested in physics and science. Although the theory things kind of confuse me, I really like applying it, and trying to figuring out a solution for a problem we have in society. I really love it because it combines my passion of STEM and my passion of helping people and trying to improve the world.So that’s why I’m interested in it because it’s an actual solution to a problem.

Q: Why are you considering McMaster?
A: I like the student life and community that you have here. I have so many friends who have moved on to McMaster and they all love it here and they say you get the most support from your friends and faculty. I did a tour here and just being able to talk with professors and students, I can really sense a lot of connectivity between everyone, so I’m really interested in that aspect of a healthy student life.