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Eng Phys Career NightOctober 31, 2016

The Engineering Physics Career Night was a fantastic success!

Engineering Career Night is an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students, along with recent alumni, to meet with industry, explore employment possibilities, and work on their career skills including resumes, interviews, and communication. Students are first given the change to 'showcase' their skills through a poster presentation. As visiting companies arrive, they tour the both of student posters, tech builds, slideshows, and other demonstrations to promote student projects, and engage in directed conversation about student skills, experiences, and interests.

The more formal part of the evening comes next when the host department, Engineering Physics, welcomes all, introduces the companies, and facilitates networking. Students and guests enjoyed the buffet while touring company booths, gathering flyers and business cards, handing out resumes, and applying for job openings. A vital part of job hunting is direct interaction with companies, both to learn about potential opportunities but also to improve networking and self-promotion skills. McMaster Engineering is pleased to offer this opportunity to students, and looks forward to continuing this tradition with future events coming soon.