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Dr. Kitai Acknowledged as a Top Twenty TeacherOctober 12, 2016

The Dean of Engineering has established the Dean’s Teaching Honour Roll to acknowledge the top twenty teachers.

The Dean of Engineering has established the Dean’s Teaching Honour Roll to acknowledge the top twenty teachers. These top teachers scored 9.19 and above on question 1 (Q1) of the student course evaluation and also had student response rates of over 30% on Q1. Based on these criteria, the Faculty of Engineering recognizes and congratulates the following top teachers for Term 2, 2013-14.

Help the Department congratulate Dr. Kitai amongst the many other winners below:

Chemical Engineering

  • Mr. Kevin Dunn
  • Dr. David Latulippe

Computing and Software 

  • Dr. Spencer Smith

Engineering and Society 

  • Mr. Cam Churchill

Electrical and Computer Engineering 

  • Dr. Steven Hranilovic
  • Dr. Xun Li
  • Dr. Nicola Nicolici

Engineering Physics 

  • Dr. Adrian Kitai

Materials Science and Engineering 

  • Dr. Joey Kish
  • Dr. Jeff Hoyt
  • Dr. Hatem Zurob

Mechanical Engineering 

  • Dr. Phil Koshy
  • Dr. Ravi Selvaganapathy

School for Engineering Technology

  • Dr. Lucian Balan
  • Dr. Dan Centea
  • Mr. Michael Justason
  • Dr. Eugene Ng
  • Dr. Nem Stefanovic
  • Ms. Silvie Tanu Halim
  • Dr. Chi Tang
  • Dr. Timber Yuen