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Community Shines at W Booth School Innovation ShowcaseDecember 13, 2017

The fall semester of Innovation Studio wrapped up this month with a public showcase event in downtown Hamilton.

It provided an opportunity to highlight select graduate student projects now in development and for the community to offer feedback and encouragement. The event also demonstrated our school’s commitment to experiential learning that enables students and faculty to engage with a range of stakeholders.

Five student teams representative of our school’s diversity presented works in progress that are intended to help address complex engineering-related challenges facing society, including the need for affordable housing, streamlined access to health services, and improved air quality. This leadership experience helped students practice communication skills essential to career success and gather input to inform continuous improvement.

The evening opened with a talk by Patty Hargreaves, VP Business Development, S2E Technologies Inc., an Ontario-based firm specializing in sustainable, mixed use communities. “Patty shared real world insights on the meaning of innovation as it applies to value creation,” said Dr. Lotfi Belkhir, a W Booth School faculty member helping design and deliver Innovation Studio. “She validated key concepts we teach our students. Everyone appreciated Patty’s contribution to the program.”

A special thank you to our student Master of Ceremonies, Swasti Krishnamoorthy. Her confident stage presence and heartfelt closing reflection on the benefits of inclusive teamwork made us all proud.

Innovation Studio is a major component of our school's identity. It is where graduate students learn how to pursue value creation through the practice of thought leadership, interdisciplinary initiatives and community building. It also offers a safe environment for students to initiate and nurture projects that form a requirement for graduation.

Photo: Student Swasti Krishnamoorthy (left) and guest speaker Patty Hargreaves contributed to the success of the W Booth School Innovation Showcase held on December 12, 2017 at the McMaster Centre for Continuing Education in downtown Hamilton.