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Jin Lee

Canada’s top engineering schools help students explore grad studies optionsSeptember 26, 2018

On Monday, September 24, Canada’s top graduate engineering schools gathered to connect with prospective students at McMaster’s University Club for the second annual Engineering Graduate Studies Tour.

The event gave over 170 attendees the opportunity to connect with faculty, students and admissions experts and explore their graduate studies options.

As part of the tour, representatives from McMaster University, University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, McGill University, Queen’s University, University of Alberta and University of British Columbia, are scheduled to make six more stops in cities across Canada. One of the main goals of the tour is to highlight how a graduate degree in engineering can help solve today’s most complex technical, social and environmental challenges.

Three McMaster Engineering students shared why the event was beneficial, the graduate programs they hope to pursue and why:

Sehaz Dayal, Electrical & Biomedical Engineering

“I’m exploring career opportunities in the biomedical industry. I’ve looked at industry-specific positions, which are research-based so you need to have a lot of knowledge in this area and that’s why it’s a good idea to pursue a Master’s.”

“I learned about the requirements for Master’s programs and other types of engineering you can do with an Electrical and Biomedical Engineering degree. You can also do mechanical or computer engineering.”

Josh Wang, Electrical & Computer Engineering

“My area of interest is communications engineering which is a sub branch of electrical and computer engineering. It’s a huge field right now for research especially with 4G, 5G and LTE networks. Most of the research is done in Canada and I want to be right here in the action doing research for the next generation network that will improve upload and download speeds on your phones or improve communications in northern areas where they have little to no infrastructure for radio communications.”

“Being at this event opened my eyes to different universities, the grad programs they offer and the research they’re doing. You can talk to a professor you could directly work with.”

George Padeigis, Electrical & Biomedical Engineering

“I would love to pursue grad studies to explore leading topics of the day like artificial intelligence and machine learning and ways to implement deep learning into medical problems. The medical industry at large hasn’t been infused with the same type of technology that other industries have been disrupted by. By pursuing grad studies in that area I’ll be able to start tackling these issues.”

“I have a really open mind with graduate studies. I know Ian Bruce’s lab [at McMaster] is doing a lot of great work with EEG and different readings of the mind. That would be an MSc working at McMaster. Tom Doyle is doing an eHealth program which I also expressed interest in.”

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