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Ayse Turak, Provost’s Strategic Alignment FundSeptember 29, 2017

Ayse Turak has been awarded the Provost’s Strategic Alignment Fund of $136500 to develop “High Impact Labs in Engineering Physics”.

Specifically, the proposal is a joint application between Ayse Turak and Greg van Gastle in the MacPherson Institute for the development of a virtual lab in thermodynamics for ENGPHYS 2H04. They will partner with a company, Labster, who specializes in developing realistic virtual laboratories for educational purposes. They are interested in seeing if having students do a virtual version of a lab will give them the confidence and familiarity with the equipment and the concepts to allow them to design and execute their own more open-ended experiments in the physical lab. In this way, the lab experiences could be much richer and more experiential for the students by letting them actually design and carry out their own experiments. Students can gain basic skills in the virtual environment, then go into the physical lab and do a more inquiry driven experiment.