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Jin Lee, Forrest Herman

The 99%+ ClubOctober 7, 2019

Innovative programs, leading research, an ethos of collaboration and an international reputation for excellence and impact have brought an increasing number of the country’s top students to McMaster engineering. Many of them can boast of near-perfect admission averages.

As our newest class of students settle in, we’re excited to recognize and celebrate first year students with some of the highest entrance averages of 99+. Meet a few of our academic superstars. 

Maggie Zhou — Integrated Biomedical Engineering & Health Sciences


Where she comes from: At Bishop Allen Academy in Etobicoke, Zhou’s favourite subject was physics. “It was something I didn’t think I’d enjoy, but once I saw all the applications there were for the material I was learning, I thought it was the most engaging subject.”

Why McMaster? “Everyone was so welcoming and supportive that it automatically felt like I belonged here.”

What does the future hold?  “Here at Mac, I’m just hoping to get involved and see what problems there are in the world and what ways I can try to find solutions. And also to meet as many people as I can. There are so many wonderful, incredible and bright students here and I think getting to work with them will bring opportunities to see more challenges in the world and find better solutions to them.”

First impressions: “I like the campus atmosphere and I feel inspired by the passion of my professors.”


Lewis Gross — Bachelor of Technology, Automotive and Vehicle Engineering Technology


Where he comes from: After high school at St. Thomas Aquinas in London, Gross enrolled in mechanical engineering technology at St. Clair College. Six courses ranging from calculus to mechanical drafting to CAD taught him how to work hard and succeed, while support from his parents, a professor and his roommate encouraged his academic success and ambition to transfer to university. “They really motivated me to put my full effort in and achieve my goals.”

Why McMaster? “I was attracted by the teams and the quality of the labs and facilities. I feel at Mac there’s a lot more opportunity to succeed.”

What does the future hold?  “I’d like to change how cars operate. I’m interested in electric cars and being able to advance that technology and help the world a bit.”


Emily Brown — Engineering 1


Where she comes from: As a student at Owen Sound District Secondary School, Brown’s favourite high school subjects were math and physics.

Why Mac? “It just felt right. The environment here has a different feel than the other schools I visited. It felt supportive and welcoming.”

What does the future hold?  "I’m not sure is not a good answer, but I’m really not sure. I’m trying to keep an open mind.”

First impressions: “I’m good with putting in hard work, so it’s not a shock.”