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4 Highlights from SHAD’s visit with Mac EngJuly 26, 2019

Mac Eng hosts a series of workshops and lectures for SHAD student and test drive new first year curriculum.

Last week, McMaster Engineering hosted a series of workshops and lectures for 56 SHAD students from across the country.

SHAD is a month-long summer enrichment program for high-achieving high school students. It revolves around the themes of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) and entrepreneurship. McMaster is one of 17 Canadian university campuses that deliver the program. 

Here are some highlights of their visit!

  1. Lecture on sustainability in engineering with chemical engineering professor, Shelir Ebrahimi

SHAD students attending lecture

With climate change being a major challenge facing the next generation of engineers, it is important that these young leaders be conscious of the environment. In this introductory lecture, SHAD students explore several topics including life cycle assessments, waste management, and carbon footprints. 

  1. Building lego towers with Engineering Co-op & Career Services

SHAD students working with legos

In this career building workshop with ECCS, SHAD students learn the importance of outside-the-classroom experiences and marketing their strengths to stand out to employers. Students reflected on their interests and skills by building LEGO models to represent what makes them unique. 

  1. Playing with the turtles!

SHAD students working with bicep sensors

In this workshop, students worked with Python programming, Raspberry Pi mini computers and electromyography (EMG) sensors. Their objective? Design a program to control a turtle icon on a screen by flexing your bicep. 

This multidisciplinary, team-based, problem-based project explores a new approach to engineering education. It allows students to simultaneously develop both the technical and soft skills that are required to effectively solve problems as an engineer. 

Students reacted positively to the new learning style. 

“I’ve always been more of a kinesthetic learner which means that I learn using more interactive learning styles,” said grade 10 students, Lokesh Patel. “This really helped because I was able to have a hands-on experience.”

This technology can be applied in a variety of areas including robot-assisted surgery and prosthetic control. This will be one of several projects from a new first year engineering course (1P13) being offered by McMaster in Fall 2020. 

  1. Social sustainability and human-centred design lecture

SHAD students attending lecture

Most people know about environmental sustainability. But what is social sustainability and why do engineers need to consider it? This insightful lecture by Professor Cameron Churchill introduced students to human-centred design, and how engineers can creatively solve problems in a way that supports the ability of future generations to have healthy communities.