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Learning about the benefits of going diploma to degreeMarch 6, 2019

Prospective B.Tech. students attended the Degree Completion Program Open House on February 23rd

On Saturday, February 23, more than 100 prospective students arrived on campus to learn about the McMaster-Mohawk Bachelor of Technology Partnership, specifically the B.Tech. Degree Completion Program.

The B.Tech. Degree Completion Program is a unique program that allows college graduates to upgrade their diploma into a degree. Successful applicants receive two full years of transfer credit toward their degree.

At this annual event, prospective B.Tech. students were able to meet with professors and students, learn more about the program, and network with their peers. Faculty members led informative program presentations, and attendees had the opportunity to ask faculty, staff, students and alumni questions about the program, student experience and four offered program streams.

"DCP allowed me to continue my education in a shortened time period, which appealed to me since I had already completed several years of post-secondary and wanted to get into the workforce as a qualified engineer as quickly as possible," said alumna Whitney Jardine, B.Tech. '18 (Manufacturing). 

Whitney Jardine, B.Tech. '18 (Manufacturing) chatting with a student at the Open House

The B.Tech. Degree Completion Program allows students to design their own degree in a variety of ways. There are three start-dates (January, May, and September) and classes run all year round. As well, flexible part-time and full-time study options are available and classes are held exclusively during evenings and weekends to accommodate working professionals. 

Software Engineering Technology students can complete their degree fully online in virtual classrooms. Students in the other program streams can take occassional online classes if they wish. 

Tom Kizito and Baljit Bharaj, both current students of the Software program stream, emphasized the program's flexibility to prospective students. Bharaj said that it allowed her to focus on her career, while Kizito said that the online classes are very good for students who commute.

"The online live lecturing system is tremendous," said Kizito, a Toronto resident. "It makes me feel more involved and connected to the professors."

 Software Engineering Technology students chat to interest event attendees

Chi Tang (Program Chair, Power & Energy Engineering Technology) was joined by five current students and alumni who spoke about career prospects, including working at companies such as Toronto Hydro, Bruce Power, and Hydro One, electric companies such as S&C Electric, or even companies that specialize in renewable energies.

Civil Engineering Infrastructure Technology program student Daniel Scouten spoke to prospective students about how his B.Tech. degree will help him achieve a more direct pathway to earning a Professional Engineer designation.

Sharmin Kassam, B.Tech. '17 (Civil) explained why she enjoys attending these events and talking with prospective students.

"It's really important to me to spread awareness of different educational avenues for post-secondary students," Kassam said. "Hearing their stories of why they are considering McMaster refuels my passion for doing what I do, because the civil (engineering) industry needs disciplined and curious minds."

Sharmin Kassam, B.Tech. '17 (Civil Engineering Infrastructure Technology) speaks with a prospective student

B.Tech. students earn a Business Management Certificate from Mohawk College. Jardine shared with students how important this was.

"This (Business Management) Certificate makes me more marketable when I apply for jobs in the future and gives me added insight in both business and entrepreneurial sectors," said Jardine, who went on to do a Master's degree in the W Booth School of Engineering Practice & Technology.  

B.Tech. graduates are also eligible for several graduate degrees, and can even achieve advanced entry into select Master's degrees at McMaster.

Mike Justason, Program Chair Civil Engineering Infrastructure Technology, delivers a program presentation at the Open House

Mike Justason, Program Chair, Civil Engineering Infrastructure Technology, addresses the crowd. 

Justason and other faculty received high praise from alumni for their compelling teaching style.