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Cheryl Quenneville, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Cheryl Quenneville's research is making groundbreaking strides in human biomechanics and biomedical engineering, focusing on the definition of bone fracture limits and injury tolerances, surrogates for biomechanical research, including synthetic bones, finite element modelling of bone’s response to loading and the design of artificial joint replacement and fracture fixation systems.

Her work in injury biomechanics endeavours to quantify the effect of impact loading on the human body.  The goal of this work is to define tolerance limits for bones, and to develop appropriate injury criteria.  Dr. Quenneville works to characterize the effect of factors such as strain rate, angle of load application, gender, age, and protective wear on fracture tolerance.  The goal of this work is to establish a more comprehensive understanding of the factors that influence injury risk, for the purpose of improving current safety limits.