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Sean Johnstone, BEBSC '13

(Chemical Engineering)

Solutions to improve people’s lives

Sean Johnstone is helping bring clean water to the world.

Working for SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions, his official job title is Global Product Manager of Pressurized ZeeWeed Ultrafiltration Membranes.

His role is to oversee the company’s line of pressurized UF water treatment membranes as he helps communities and industry around the planet manage an essential but increasingly scarce resource.

“We are doing some great work in cleaning polluted waters, turning wastewater into drinkable water, and generally keeping people safe and healthy by focusing on their water supply,” says the 2013 Chemical Engineering and Biosciences grad.

The job takes him to interesting places around the world, including recent trips to Korea, China and Europe.

Johnstone says that working for a global company has allowed him to make friends and build relationships around the world, offering “a sobering reminder of how connected and similar we are.”

It has also given him a variety of different career opportunities and the chance to quickly gain responsibility in the company.

“What I love about my job is that I am the nexus for all things pressurized ultrafiltration in my company,” he says.

“I am responsible for everything to do with this product portfolio, including research and development programs, marketing, product resources, customer experience and financial performance.”

He credits his advancement to a willingness to take every opportunity to learn and ask for more responsibility, and he urges students to say yes when opportunity comes knocking.

“Even if you think you're not ready, you’ll figure it out,” says Johnstone. “And do things that align with your values because you are far more likely to invest in your work and your success if you believe in what you're doing.”