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Mike Hassaballa, MSCAP '13

Mechanical Engineering | Pivoting from the tangible to the intangible

The tangible accomplishment of designing and building physical objects was what originally drew Mike Hassaballa to Mechanical Engineering.

“I knew it would give me great pleasure to see my work being used in the world,” he says. “It would be my legacy.”

But today, his tangible creations are limited to weekends, when he experiments with the 3D printer he built himself for a hobby.

During the workweek, Hassaballa searches for entirely intangible solutions to one of the world’s most challenging problems – our energy use.

“My current career focus is on low carbon and zero-carbon energy solutions for heating, cooling, and power generation,” he says.

Working with H.H. Angus and Associates Limited Consulting Engineers in Toronto, Hassaballa leads the engineering design for district energy projects and industrial application for institutional and industrial clients.

“I help our clients use fundamentals of engineering and physics to achieve the optimal and most efficient solutions for their applications,” he says. “I also act as a project manager for engineering projects that need extensive coordination between owners, consultants, vendors, city and government officials and general contractors.”

After earning his master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2013, Hassaballa launched his career in the data centre industry. In 2015, he shifted gears and took on the position of Lead Technical Engineer with Vida Fresh Air, a company developing automotive emission reductions products, including a new catalytic converter technology.

“I then moved into my current role in energy consulting because I felt that I needed to help solve the energy challenges that the world is facing,” he says.

For students entering the workforce, he urges lifelong learning and the recognition that others will approach problems with different ways of thinking.

“Flexibility is key in today's world,” he says. “You need to adapt and be flexible to be successful. And continue to brush up your technical skills and develop new skills as you progress in your career.”