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Lori Hipwell, BEng '08

Mechanical Engineering | Energy for Improving the World

Most people know that there are plenty of reasons to wisely manage energy use. But as Director of Energy and Sustainability with BGIS, Brookfield’s real estate and facilities management company, Lori Hipwell’s job is to help make it happen.

Since earning her degree in mechanical engineering in 2008, Hipwell has been honing her skills in the area of energy and sustainability, and developing expertise in the design of integrated HVAC systems, energy modelling and LEED designations.

Most recently, she was a program lead for Toronto Hydro’s Conservation and Demand Management group, which encourages energy reduction through incentive programs.

Hipwell says her university days – and particularly her interaction with members of Engineers Without Borders – inspired “a strong desire to contribute to the improvement of the world.”

“There's a large focus on professional responsibility and ethics in engineering, and I took those to heart,” she says. “I felt a passion for making the world a better place through energy conservation and sustainability.”

That desire has helped drive her career and led her to her current job, where she helps clients develop energy and sustainability frameworks for their real estate holdings.

“The best way I've found to succeed in my career is being motivated, having an open mind, strong perseverance and desire for continuous learning,” says Hipwell.

She encourages today’s students to focus on what inspires them, surround themselves with motivated people and learn to work with others.

“And don’t give up,” she adds. “There will always be a learning curve that often seems insurmountable at first, but you are not the only one who feels that way, and if you persevere, you will succeed.”