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Frank Scremin, BEng '94

Mechanical Engineering | The Sky's the Limit

It’s not like Frank Scremin is single-handedly in charge of managing the airplanes in the sky at New York’s La Guardia airport. But over the next few years, the Mac grad will play a big role in keeping one of the world’s busiest airports flying.

Scremin (BEng ’94, Mechanical) has recently been named project manager for a $4 billion redevelopment of the LaGuardia Airport Central Terminal Building.

The job will put him in charge of the challenging logistics and transitions of keeping multiple airlines and agencies on the same page as a new terminal replaces an existing airport building that serves about 13 million people a year.

The project – the largest public private partnership in the United States – has brought Scremin and his family to New York after a decade working for Hamilton International Airport.

“I’ve always loved airports and aviation, but never would have guessed that I would end up running one or working on rebuilding one,” he says. “Airports are incredible places to work because of the diversity that you get exposed to.”

Employed by the airport management and development company Vantage Airport Group, Scremin joined the Hamilton airport in 2006 and was named CEO in 2012.

The job involved working with a small entrepreneurial team looking to take advantage of new market opportunities.

“Hamilton is an incredible city with huge potential, and the airport is in the same position,” says Scremin.

The last two years also gave him the opportunity to be involved in Vantage’s bid pursuit for the LaGuardia project.

“Looking back at what our team was able to accomplish in a very short timeframe to position ourselves to win the project is very satisfying,” he says.

After earning his engineering degree from McMaster, Scremin completed an MBA in 2004. He spent 12 years with Union Gas working in a variety of roles, including engineering, business development and operations management, before moving to the Hamilton airport.