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Fahmi Khairul Azmi, BEng '15

Mechanical Engineering | Painting the Big Picture

A picture tells a thousand words, but nowadays, it’s big data that tells the whole story.

At the Central Bank of Malaysia, Fahmi Khairul Azmi is working as a data analyst to compile the financial data that produces the Official National Economic Statistics.

“It’s really interesting and satisfying to apply estimation, outlier detection, and other statistical tools to analyze big data, in order to reflect the true Malaysian economic growth and development position,” says Khairul Azmi, a 2015 Mechanical Engineering graduate.

“And it’s particularly satisfying to see my deliverables utilized by others for further analysis and commentary.”

A love of product design and mechanical problems attracted him to engineering, and he says “never in a million years” did he expect he would end up working in data science.

But a path of career exploration over the last three years has led him from tutoring to property and construction, into the oil and gas industry, and finally onto the banking sector.  He says the moves allowed him to experience the dynamics of each industry and assess how a variety of career roles aligned with his personal principles.

“I was working as a data engineer in an Australian oil and gas consulting firm, which led me to the position I hold now,” he says. “I feel grateful and blessed for the career shift, as I see that there's tremendous opportunity coming up in the near-decade in the data science field.”

“So far, my career highlight has been the experience of learning from others and taking the occasional necessary risk to change my career pattern.”

He urges students to take an exploratory approach to their career paths, to seek satisfaction and balance in life.

Also, “be kind and respect others, as that will stay as a long-lasting legacy.”