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Christopher Psutka, BEng Mgt '05

Mechanical Engineering & Management | Bringing global solutions to environmental and health challenges

Chris Psutka’s interest in Japan goes back to his McMaster days when the 2005 Mechanical Engineering & Management grad took part in a Japanese-English language exchange.

But he never anticipated that interest would lead to the development of a successful global trade and consulting business, and over a decade living in Japan.

Shortly after graduating Psutka went to Japan, where he polished his language skills and found work as an R&D and design engineer with a Tokyo start-up company developing aseptic control valves.

While he still sits on that company’s board of directors as a director of global business development, Psutka returned to Canada in 2011 to found his own business, Psutka International, Inc.

“I connect engineering clients worldwide with the most efficient technology for their process,” explains Psutka. “In particular, I export a lot of micro/nanobubble generation equipment out of Japan with the aim of reducing energy and waste in water treatment as well as machining coolant applications.”

His company now boasts sales across six continents, with a strong focus on customers in UK, Korea, North America and South Africa.

While his career commitment to help companies reduce their environmental footprint through technology hasn’t waned, Psutka has discovered a new mission in recent years.

Since 2015, he has been living in Japan and working with academic, industrial, and health partners on ways to use artificial intelligence techniques to improve the accuracy of non-invasive screening methods for the early detection of cancer and other diseases.

“My engineering education taught me the need to protect our society in all that we do over our careers, whether by reducing environmental footprint and climate change or by finding better ways to saves lives,” says Psutka. “It really had impact on the direction I took, and every day I am reminded of this message and my obligation by the ring I wear on my right hand.”