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Dr. Ryan Ahmed

Assistant Professor

Artificial Intelligence; Machine & Deep Learning; Autonomous Vehicles; Electric and Hybrid Powertrains; Electrified Vehicles; Renewable and Efficient Energy Systems; Energy and Sustainability


Dr. Maryam Aramesh

Assistant Professor

Manufacturing; Machining operations; Machining of difficult-to-cut materials; Surface engineering; Lubricants; Coatings; Failure diagnostic models

Gary M.-photo

Dr. Gary M. Bone


Robotics; Collaborative Robots; Control Systems; Computer Vision; Machine Vision; Computer-Aided Manufacturing; Manufacturing Automation

Chan Y.-photo

Dr. Chan Y. Ching

Associate Chair, Graduate

Heat Transfer; Multi-phase Flow; Turbulence

James S.-photo

Dr. James S. Cotton


Fluid Mechanics; Heat Transfer; Modeling in Thermo-Fluid Systems; Multi-phase Flows; Renewals & Sustainable Energy Systems


Dr. Tohid Didar

Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Nano-biomaterials

Biomedical devices; Bio-sensing; Microfluidics; Bio-functional Interfaces, Bio-hybrid micro/nano-robots


Dr. Mo Elbestawi

Professor Emeritus

Advanced Manufacturing


Dr. Ali Emadi

Professor and Canada Excellence Research Chair Laureate

Transportation Electrification; Electrified Vehicles; Autonomous-Capable Vehicles; Electric and Hybrid Powertrains; Power Electronics and Electric Motor Drives; Electric Machines and Energy Conversion Systems; Renewable and Efficient Energy Systems; Energy and Sustainability

S. Andrew-photo

Dr. S. Andrew Gadsden

Associate Professor

Artificial Intelligence; Cognitive Systems; Control Systems; Data Science; Estimation Theory; Machine Learning; Mechatronics; Smart Systems


Dr. Saeid Habibi


Automotive Applications; Control Systems; Hybrid Vehicles; Mechatronics; Renewal & Sustainable Energy Systems

Mohamed S.-photo

Dr. Mohamed S. Hamed


Computational fluid dynamics; Fluid mechanics; Heat transfer; Modeling in thermo-fluid systems; Multi-phase flow; Renewable & sustainable energy systems; Thermal processing of materials

Elizabeth -photo

Dr. Elizabeth Hassan

Assistant Professor

Engineering education; Multivariate statistics; Biomechanics

Mukesh K.-photo

Dr. Mukesh K. Jain


Materials processes and systems; Manufacturing processes and systems; Metal forming; Metallurgy; Microscopy; Plasticity & formability; Process modelling & simulation; Steel research; Automotive applications; Finite element analysis; Materials & microstructural engineering; Product design & manufacturing; Theoretical mechanics; Solid mechanics

Zahra -photo

Dr. Zahra Motamed

Assistant Professor, Director of Cardiovascular Research Group and Joseph Ip Distinguished Engineering Fellow

Medical devices, Medical imaging; Diagnostic, Intervention-predictive and intervention-optimization tools


Dr. Philip Koshy


Machining Processes


Dr. Marilyn Lightstone

Department Chair

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD); Heat transfer; Turbulent flows


Dr. Colin McDonald

Associate Professor

Engineering Education; Interdisciplinarity; Biomechanics; Musculoskeletal Imaging


Dr. Christopher Morton

Associate Professor

Intelligent and autonomous systems; UAV technology development; energy engineering; sustainable sources; fluid structure interaction and flow control


Dr. Eu-Gene Ng

Associate Professor

Mechanical Behavior of Materials, Structural Analysis, Manufacturing Processes, Surface Integrity

Tim J. -photo

Dr. Tim J. Nye

Associate Professor

Manufacturing processes and systems; Operations research; Process modelling


Dr. Cheryl Quenneville

Associate Chair, Undergraduate


Shakirudeen A.-photo

Dr. Shakirudeen A. Salaudeen

Assistant Professor

Biomass Conversion; Bioenergy and Biofuel; Waste Valorization; Renewable Hydrogen Production; Decarbonization; Carbon Capture and Utilization; Circular Bioeconomy

P. Ravi-photo

Dr. P. Ravi Selvaganapathy

Distinguished Engineering Professor, Canada Research Chair in Biomicrofluidics (laureate)

Micro/Nanofabrication; Bioprinting; Biomedical Microdevices; Microelectromechanical Systems; Microfluidics; Medical and Environmental Sensors; Smart Textiles; Biomaterials; Artificial Organs


Dr. Sumanth Shankar


Casting; Microscopy & Diffraction; Transport Phenomenon


Dr. Keena Trowell

Assistant Professor

Metal-water reactions; Hydrogen production; Energy storage; Sustainable energy carriers and fuels


Dr. Stephen Tullis

Associate Professor

Fluid mechanics and turbulent flows; Computational fluid dynamics (CFD); Wind Turbines; Combustion Multi-phase flow

Stephen C. -photo

Dr. Stephen C. Veldhuis

Professor, Director (MMRI) and Braley-Orlick Chair in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing; Machine tools; Precision machining; Ultra precision machining; Manufacturing process modeling & simulation; Tribology; Nano indentation; Surface engineering; Hard wear protective coatings; Process optimization

Gregory R.-photo

Dr. Gregory R. Wohl

Associate Professor


Peidong -photo

Dr. Peidong Wu


Metal forming, cutting and removal; Plasticity & formability; Finite element analysis; Materials and microstructural engineering; Mechanics of engineering materials & composites; Robotics; Solid mechanics; Biomechanics


Dr. Fengjun Yan

Associate Professor

Automotive applications; Control systems; Hybrid vehicles; Mechatronics; Combustion

Mohammed A. -photo

Dr. Mohammed A. Dokainish

Professor Emeritus (Deceased)

Finite Element Analysis; Fluid Dynamics

Ross L.-photo

Dr. Ross L. Judd

Professor Emeritus

Flow-induced vibrations; Heat Transfer; Multi-phase flow


Dr. Mamdouh Shoukri

Professor Emeritus

Fluid mechanics; Heat transfer; Multi-phase flow; Reactor thermal-hydraulics

David S. -photo

Dr. David S. Weaver

Professor Emeritus

Elasticity; Flow-induced vibrations; Theoretical mechanics


Dr. Samir Ziada

Professor Emeritus (Deceased)

Flow induced vibrations & noise; Aeroacoustics; Turbulent flows