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Richard Allen

W Booth School Recognizes Chris MurrayAugust 3, 2018

Summer marks a time of transition for Chris Murray, a long-time supporter of the W Booth School and champion of engineering education more widely.

He assumes the role of City Manager for the City of Toronto on August 13, 2018 following close to a decade as Hamilton’s top municipal bureaucrat.

Chris played a leadership role in forging bonds between our school and its home community, a significant step in the advancement of McMaster University’s ‘Forward with Integrity’ mandate. This relationship established a foundation for our faculty and students to apply themselves to the work of 21st century city-building. As a valued member of our school’s Advisory Board, Chris identified real world opportunities to engage with city staff and residents in tackling complex challenges related to the sustainable growth Canada’s tenth largest city.

He guided the formation of CityLAB — a portal for postsecondary school partnerships with the municipality of Hamilton — and opened the door to a host of “on the ground,” W Booth School experiential learning projects ranging from district energy and active transportation to stormwater management and smart infrastructure. These projects, and myriad other engagements, strengthen the city’s capacity for innovation and demonstrate our school’s competency as a solutions provider to Canadian municipalities through engineering design, policy and entrepreneurship. These efforts also lead to municipal employment opportunities for our graduates.

On behalf of W Booth School Director Mo Elbestawi, representatives of our school’s community engagement team met with Chris Murray at Hamilton City Hall earlier this month to share our gratitude and present a Certificate of Appreciation. Chris expressed best wishes as we enter a new leg of our journey with the City of Hamilton. He encouraged us to help cities manage the transition to smart systems and address challenges related to serving an aging population.

Photo, courtesy of Richard Allen: Chris Murray receives W Booth School Certificate of Appreciation from Florent Lefevre-Schlick and Salman Bawa at Hamilton City Hall, August 2018.