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Student team prepares for International Space Station Launch with flight program September 7, 2018

The McMaster Interdisciplinary Satellite Team (MIST) launched components of their satellite system approximately 100,000 ft. in the air aboard a high altitude balloon this past Tuesday.

They captured the flight on a live stream video that lasted almost 12 hours.

The launch was part of the High Altitude Student Platform (HASP), a flight program that is helping MIST, a student team made up of 40 students, 37 in engineering, prepare for their NEUDOSE mission and the launch of their satellite in 2021 at the International Space Station. The satellite will launch into low orbit in order to study the effects of ionizing radiation on the human body.

As part of HASP,  NEUDOSE is one of 12 student teams throughout the world working with NASA’s balloon program office and Louisiana State University. The program consists of a student-designed platform carrying 12 compact satellites, prototypes, and small experiments. MIST sent up various components of their satellite system, including the radiation detector and communications system.