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"People's Choice" Winner of 4A06 Capstone Expo April 9, 2018

The votes are in... Congratulations "oomi"!

Congratulations go out to “oomi” who have won the 2018 People’s Choice Award at the Engineering Physics 4A06 Capstone Expo on April 6th, 2018.

Designed by Cam Bignell, Leanne Dias, Mitchell Kurnell, and Devan Wagner, “oomi” has been awarded the People's Choice award.

To reduce the health issues and increase customer throughput in the nail service industry, Oomi automates the process of gel manicures. Using image processing and precise motor control, Oomi is able to accurately paint and cure your nails.

Oomi also won 1st Place in the Innovative Design challenge of the McMaster Engineering Competition, 2nd place at the Ontario Engineering Competition, and will represent Ontario at the Canadian Engineering Competition in March.

Congratulations to Cam Bignell, Leanne Dias, Mitchell Kurnell, and Devan Wagner!

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