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The Forge Entrepreneur Demo Day features 8 Mac Eng startupsSeptember 16, 2020

This year’s Demo Day will take place on Thursday, September 17th at 12:00 PM.

The Forge Entrepreneur Demo Day will showcase 10 early-stage startups that have been working around the clock this summer to launch and scale their businesses. The event will give participants an opportunity to learn about these exceptional startups, speak with the founders, and network with industry professionals!

All 10 startups were finalists at The Forge’s $100K Student Startup Competition this past March; eight are McMaster Engineering startups. They also took part in the Summer Startup Academy to refine their skills and offerings. Working with some of the best minds in their respective spaces, they are ready to present their innovative ideas.

Learn about the teams you will be able to meet at the event and make sure to register for Demo Day today.


Michael Jobity (co-founder) is an Engineering Physics and Management undergraduate student

The world's first hands-free robotic guitar tuning stand. By combining robotics with artificial intelligence, 2unify is able "to unify" art and science for musicians worldwide. The team will be pitching their startup on the next season of Dragon’s Den.

“Our team at 2unify is passionate about creating a novel product that can create excitement and offer a glimpse into the future.”


Rohan Barooah (co-founder) is a Mechanical Engineering alumnus

A web platform for instructors to deliver online yoga classes efficiently. An AI virtual trainer assists instructors by detecting poses of students using a webcam and provides instant feedback cues for correction.

“Funding from McMaster Forge, as well as guidance from Forge mentors, Workshops and Resources helped us convert our entrepreneurial ideas to reality.”


Will Douglas (co-founder) is a student in the Faculty of Health Science (Honours) program
Stefan Janovjak (co-founder) Computer science and iBioMed student
Akil Hamilton (co-founder) Software Engineering and iBioMed student

A mobile app that facilitates access to physical university health services, and virtual health modules. It is designed to improve student health preventatively by the promotion of positive habits and directly by connecting with university health services.

“[We are] on the verge of connecting our first prototype to a fully functional backend server, after which we will begin beta testing our product”

ImaginAble Solutions – Guided Hands

Lianna Genovese (CEO and founder) is a student at the Integrated Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences (iBioMed) program

The international award-winning assistive device that enables people living with limited fine motor skills to write, paint and draw as well as type and scroll on a tablet, phone, or a computer. Their mission is to enable people to live the life they had always imagined. Lianna Genovese, McMaster biomedical and mechanical engineering student, and founder of ImaginAble Solutions, will be pitching her startup at this year’s Lion’s Lair Competition happening from September 21-24.

“To me, innovation is the product of an invention and commercialization. Since multiplying 0 by anything always equals 0, to have innovation, both must be present since one is not valuable in isolation.”

NexWave (Formerly: National Design League)

Shreyas Gangwani (co-founder and CEO) is a Mechanical Engineering and Management graduate 

Revolutionizing student hiring. Helping companies save time and money, while ensuring students develop their personal portfolio through challenge-based hiring.

“McMaster is where the idea of NDL was born which was initially just a club! Without the support that the McMaster community has given us, we would not have been able to take this idea and truly develop it into a company.”


Andrew “Doren” Singh (founder and CEO) is a Chemical Engineering PhD student.

A novel drug delivery platform that utilizes ultrasound to trigger drug release resulting in improved treatment efficacy, reduced side-effects, and reduced visits to a specialist. Pharmasonica provides clinicians with enhanced control over a patient’s treatment while providing patients with a significantly higher standard of care.

“(We) plan to continue to develop our drug delivery platform as well as pursue new partnerships.”

PULSE Lifesaving

Dawson Lucier (co-founder) is a Kinesiology graduate
Danny Visekruna (co-founder) is a Computer Science graduate  

A full-service training provider of lifesaving, first-aid, and lifeguard training. Using wearable technology and mixed reality, PULSE is developing remotely delivered & certifiable training programs for businesses & people.

“The next steps for PULSE are continuing development on our remote training programs and catering to a rapidly changing professional world.”


Karan Sabharwal (co-founder) is a Computer Engineering graduate
George Padeigis (co-founder) is an Electrical and Biomedical Engineering graduate
David Gomez (co-founder) is a Computer Engineering and Management student

A smart-glasses-based digital assistant for older adults with symptoms of cognitive decline. This product is the cornerstone of their patient-care monitoring platform, meant to better support patients and their health-care providers across all stages of geriatric care.

“McMaster Engineering Professors are brilliant, incredibly friendly and cultivate a stimulating environment of excellence and innovation - we are especially grateful to Dr. deBruin, Dr. Doyle, Dr. Filipe and Dr. Leung for their counsel and support.”


An ecommerce business that manufactures and distributes unique consumer products in the field of smart lighting. We are on a mission to revolutionize and personalize home decor through lighting.

“Innovation to us is not only about creating something new and unique but also to modernize and add more value to past creations while being able to commercialize it effectively.”


Using cutting-edge AI (deep learning) representations of cancer to uncover profound insights, leading us to better diagnose blood cancer.

“I met my cofounders at Mac, and the courses I took helped a lot. Founding the McMaster Artificial Intelligence Society also gave me the skills and connections I needed to succeed.”