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Dr. Qiyin Fang Develops Innovative Device to Better Detect Signs of CancerOctober 11, 2016

Hamilton researchers use Google-Street-View-like tool for colon research.

TORONTO – Researchers have taken a page out of Google’s book to develop an advanced scope that may enable doctors to look deeper into the colon and with more precision to better detect signs of cancer.

The scope would not only allow doctors performing a colonoscopy to get the standard forward-looking view, but would also capture images of the sides of the large bowel, similar to the way Google Street View provides a 360-degree picture of a road and its buildings.

Unlike conventional colonoscopy, which only looks straight ahead, this new method can be likened to Google Street View, giving us a panoramic view of the colon and helping us identify the exact locations of suspicious growths or lesions, says Dr. Qiyin Fang, Canada Research Chair in Biophotonics at McMaster University.

 The device is armed with a near-infrared light camera that takes thousands of pictures and uses blood vessels as landmarks to create a map of the colon.